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Discount voucher

When i rejoined sw in jan i didnt have any coupon's or vouchers but the offer was on through word of mouth and on the notice boards.

You could check out the sw website and see if theyre advertising a coupon on there you can print and take to class with you..
There was a voucher in Best Magazine 2 weeks ago...ask around friends/family and see if antone has a copy. Not sure when expiry date was tho :confused:
Hey yeah my mum had that but at the time I wasn't thinking of rejoining.....foresight Eh!!!
I have just got a coupon through which is free membership if you buy a 12 week coundown! Its from my old consultant so have an ask around as you may be able to find one of these x
There is nearly always an offer on, even without a coupon. Either half price membership (£5 plus £4.95 group cost so £9.95 on your first night) or full price membership but first week free (so £10 to pay on your first night.
Theoritically your first night cost should be £14.95, but I have never seen that happen and I have been on the team registering new members since May last year.
That said, I think there might be a magazine offer at the moment for free membership, but do check before you buy the mag - if it just says half price membership, dont bother buying it unless you were going to anyway, as thats on offer at the moment with or without a coupon.

There was free membership with buying a 12 week countdown recently, but that ran out in January. I have a feeling it might be on again in March, but cant be sure of that.

It might be worth giving the consultant a call to see what offers are around at the moment.

Whats also worth remembering is that at all times you get a free week when buying a countdown - one free week when you buy a 6 week countdown, or 2 free weeks when you buy a 12 week. You MUST book holidays at the time though - you wont be able to book them later and will just lose the week - so if you arent sure what you are doing, it might be better to get a 6 week - the free weeks offer works out exactly the same. Sometimes the 12 week countdowns have a better offer though (free receipe book, or the free joining fee to new members that was on recently)
Great thread thanks! I need to go back to classes
Anyone know how much the countdowns are? Are they the normal £4.95 x 6 or 10 depending on the length??
Anyone know how much the countdowns are? Are they the normal £4.95 x 6 or 10 depending on the length??
If already a member they are £24.75 for 6 week (1 week free) or £49.50 for 12 weeks (2 weeks free). If you are joining you need to add your joining fee on top - currently £5.

Most consultants will take cheques or cash but not credit/debit cards.

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