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Discover/Wendi plan

no but i would like to try it next week, i eat 18pts a day usually (not this week as im making up for a huge blow out at the weekend!)

will be watching this thread closely :)
just copied n pasted from another page i use

This is a plan for people that have reached a plateau, or whose weightloss needs a kick start, it generally works very well and can be done for just one week, or for a few in a row.
Your SHD (Super High Day) must be followed by your SLD (Super Low Day) & must be at least 2 full days before you WI (Weigh In).
You can have your SHD any day you like, so if you want it on Day 1 you can, just follow the rest of the plan in order (so change Day 3 to Day 1, which would make Day 4 Day 2, Day 5 Day 3 and so on).
You’ll need to plan for the Super Low Day as it can come as quite a shock and you don’t want to end up hungry. Have low value, filling foods (pasta, potatoes, etc) and try to have a menu in mind.
Drink plenty of water (aim for 2L a day) as water aids weightloss too.
The formula is below the lists, so if you want to work it out for whatever points you’re on, you can.

19 Values
Day 1 = 20
Day 2 = 17
Day 3 = 29 SHD
Day 4 = 15 SLD
Day 5 = 19
Day 6 = 17
Day 7 = 15 WI

18 Values
Day 1 = 19
Day 2 = 16
Day 3 = 28 SHD
Day 4 = 14 SLD
Day 5 = 18
Day 6 = 16
Day 7 = 14 WI

Day 1 your normal points allowance +1 point
Day 2 your normal points allowance -2 point
Day 3 your normal points allowance +10 point
Day 4 your normal points allowance -4 point
Day 5 your normal points allowance +0 point
Day 6 your normal points allowance -2 point
Day 7 your normal points allowance -4 point
ohi may try this,,my wi day on thurs morning so should i still only have 14pts for the rest of that day
Thanks so much you're a star ! I'll start my Wendi plan this coming Monday then.

My SHD = Wednesday...yaay a pig out !!!!!! Cant wait. I think i'll sit down tomorrow and plan my meals especially for the SLD, i'll make sure that I have filling foods for that day

I can honestly say that i'm looking foreward to this and can't wait to see the results on weigh in day on Friday :cross:

Thanks again ! :)
Oooh i might give this ago!! im on 17 points but i can change it slightly!! :D
Hi so am I getting this right? (I'm on 23 points)

I have my christmas party tonight so could do with a few extra points! So I could have-

33 tonight
19 tomorrow
23 Sunday
21 Monday
19 Tuesday
and so on............

My maths isn't the best ;)
Shanny. I admit I don't follow it as it's written but I save a couple of points thru the week have 10-12 points extra on a Friday nite and then a couple of low point days on Saturday and Sunday ready to get weighed Monday morning.
Losses are between 1 and 3 pound on regular basis doing it this way....I've been doing WW since March and lost 52 pounds but did slow down until I started doing my boost day (as I call it).... I find it does you good mentally and physically to have a good old nosh....lol. Hope you enjoy it....xx
thats kinda what i do anyway, i eat about 18pts a day then have a takeaway on a friday night. my weigh in day is friday though. i used to lose great on it, not so much now really. maybe because i have just over a stone to go?
Try changing your boost day to nearer to weigh day and see if the 2 lower point days before weigh day make any difference....change to the norm sometimes works I find....good luck
Well i'm on day 3 of the Wendi plan and so far so good.
Today is my SHD of 29 points which is great because I can have some choccy :D

Dreading tomorrow though on my SLD, I don't know about anyone else but I seem to be so much hungrier in this freezing cold weather so i'll make sure to have lost of 0 point veg to fill me up.
i haven't tried it yet,,will wait till wi tomorrow and see how it goes
On my low day I have roast butternut squash mash with loads of roasted carrots, onions and mushroom with a low pointed ww meal.....massive and really filling all for 3 or 4 points....num num