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OKay firstly just wanna say thanks to all the support you guys have given me it has helped. but im on day 8 now and ive got to say every night i've been on this i end up getting grumpy hungry and agitated. my friends are proberbly getting fed up of me changing my mind constantly. i came on here to knock some sense into my head and i couldhnt help notice that pretty much 8o percent of the replies i have read are doing this for the second time. i might have the wrong end of the stick here but it seems everyone puts the weight back on afterwards, so whats the point in me doing this if im just going to put the weight back on. i might sound like a grumpy imature person but like i said my mood swings are really bad at the moment
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Hi Maria,
I am on LT for the third time. I've never reached the 4th weigh in on either previous attempt.
Yes i put the weight back on i lost but only because i wasn't in the right 'zone' for doing it in the first place.
This time is the right time for me to do it and because of that i am feeling much much better about it now.
I know it's only my 2nd week but i will succeed this time.
I don't live my life i just exist.
I hate going out, i walk the back way to school to meet my kids, buying clothes is a nightmare and i've lost a lot of friends with me always finding excuses not to go out with them.
I have had enough, i want my life back and i can honestly say now that there is no way i will ever go through this again once the weight is off.
I get moments like you have described above but then i just think about what i have just said and it lifts me back up.
Hang in there, you can do it especially with all the lovely people on here helping us newbies along xx


addicted to minimins!!
hey maria

Thing is with weigh loss is if you do something like this and then go back to eating like you did before youre going to put the weight back on obviously. Lt is time away from food to address you food issues and make a plan to stick to for life.

If you do LT and then follow a calorie controlled diet once at goal weight you WILL not i repeat WILL not put the weight back on!

If you are overweight you carry more fat cells that a person who has been slim all their lives. these fat cells can never go away they can only shrink. therefore it is a lot easier for people who have lost weigh to gain it back as its easy to fill those fat cells again as they are there.

Once of LT it is not plain sailing, if anyting it will be a bigger challenge than the LT journey itself, but if your happy with your size and you worked hard enough at it you will be happy to work hard to keep your body that way by exercising and eating healthily.

You have to understand that even with weight watchers slimming world, atkins every diet, people are going to keep coming back after having children, injuries or just putting it back on over time. Theres nothing different about this diet apart from it gets you to goal quicker.


dont worry about your mood that will change but if you are serious about losing the weight and changing your life and youre ready to do that now, then this diet is for you!

And statistically 2/3rd of people who lose weight put it back on and more...its proven, im doing psychology and i learnt it for my health exam. We just have to make sure we are in that 1/3 that doesnt. Which would you rather be, someone who doesnt lose weight because they think theyll put it back on again, or someone who gets to goal and works their bum off to stay like that!

you know you can do this hope the info helps x


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we al know that LT does work but we also know how weak willed we are i am on my second attempt i didn't put all my weight back on and it has been the last 3 months that i have put it back on i know why i put it back on and now i'm trying to educate my brain at the same time so it will never happen again i have dieted for the past 20 years do diets work but if you want to stay slim you also have to work very hard not to regain the weight lost .....but i will never give up trying if i hadn't tryed over the last 20 years i would be dead now !
i am hoping this year will be the year i regain the slim me and fight hard to keep it

good luck and never give up trying

debz x


Hey Maria so glad u posted this as I'm on day 7 today and feeling cold feet on the diet too! It's hard work, expensive but probably worth it in the end. All day I have been debating if it's the right diet for me and filling my head with excuses why I shouldn't bother but I think that's the problem to begin with I have the same attitude to bad food hence why I'm. 3stone over weight. The ladies here are great and really help to keep u going I know it's tough but as much as I want to give up I know if I do in a weeks time I will feel the complete opposite keep with it u can do it! Everyone here is behind u!


Getting thinner everyday!
I put it back on during pregnancy. I was actually pregnant for over a year as I was pregnant and lost the baby and then was pregnant again 6 weeks later. That pregnancy was a worry all the way through, I had an amniocentesis and growth scans throughout. My diet was the last thing I was concerned about.

LT is a good diet but...it is like any other diet in that you have to change the way you eat and think about food. It is not a miracle cure. I have put weight back on but if I hadn't lost it in the first place, I'd be in an even worse position, I'd have put weight on top the weight I'd already put on from my very first pregnancy.

Don't let the second timers, like me, put you off. You get them on all diets. Some people will maintain some won't. The reality of it is, that the initial weight loss is just the start of it. Keeping it off takes just as much hard work and persistance for the rest of your life.
Hey Maria, I've felt the same as you today, I'm really grumpy! To the point that I dnt know what to do with myself but when I think about it, it's just down to the fact that I'm bored and what do I do when I'm bored? Find something to eat! Lol I am only on day 5 and still feel hunger, but I think tonight the "hunger" i'm feeling is bordom. I've been home alone with nothing on TV and I can't eat! I've done loads to take my mind off it had a bath plucked my eye brows and measured myself........ I've lost an inch off my waist and an inch and a half off my hips!!!

But I agree with the above there is no point in doing this diet if we are not going to change the way we eat afterwards!!


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yeh deffo before i did this diet all i pretty much ate was takeaways i never ate breakfast eiether and i hardly drank water. i feel better now think it was because it was the weekend i didnt have anything to do. plus when i get upset or depressed about something i have always gorged ate so think thats been a problem recently aswell. but im gonna get through this i just need to think positive. xx
Same here water was my enemy I used to survive on Dr Pepper! Lol so so bad for me! And takeaways and my bf cooks a mean roast dinner!! And having PCOS really doesn't help! But we will all get through it together!! Xx