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Disheartened! But am I over reacting?

Hi, yes drinking 3litres of water daily,3 sachets a day NOTHING ELSE and no it's not my TOTM...... From wat I have been ready everyone else has experienced mega weight loss within
days ? :(
Also I tested my urine today and the stick went deep purple saying I was in high ketosis!!!! X
Don't be disheartened you still have 4/5 days of shakes to take, you will def lose alot of weight. Try not to weigh yourself between pharmacy visits. Good luck .


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This is why I'm refusing to weigh myself because I know I'd be disheartned too :( I had a dream last night that I was weighed by the pharmacist and I had PUT on 7 lbs I had to check my calendar to see it wasn't Monday!
Like people have already said you have a quite a few more shakes so don't worry you'll be fine, I'm sure the weight will drop off. Keep up the good work xx
Thank you Minnie me and suzieuk..... I have not had anything other than water and sachets :( ....hoping it's a good loss. Can't see how I couldn't loss,after living off just three sachets a day!!! Oooh hope u don't have any more freaky dreams suzieuk what day are u on??? Xx
aww hun, im exactly the same....never see a loss on my scales, but ive stopped taking any notice of them now because it can be disheartening and it almost drove me to give up... The loss on your weekly WI is what counts and trust me it will be all worth it. In fact, im a bit greedy now and like going once a fortnight for a bigger loss lol! keep it up...Tuesday will put a big smile on your face, I promise!

Take care

Sal x
I understand where you're coming from. I have been 100% TFR for two weeks now and the weight is dribbling off (5lb wk 1, 2lb wk 2 :(). But, i have reached the stage where it is a routine and I think I can stick with it. Stick it out and see, it gets easier each day. I remember wondering when I'd stop waking up thinking about eating. And then, I did. Steer clear of all scales except at the pharmacy, each one tells a different story!
The first time I ever did a shake diet ( Caimbridge) I was having nightmares of not being able to get to day 7. I wanted to do it so so badly. Nevertheless I caved in on day six. I was putting too much pressure on myself. The very best advice that I give myself (I am on day 5 of lt) take it one day at a time. If you feel really hungry just before lunch, say to yourself, I will see how I feel after my shake and 9 times out of 10 you will feel better.
Also if you feel like you have that demon on your shoulder telling you just to eat bad things now and then eat healthily tomorrow, you will be really really annoyed with yourself. Give it a go. We are all behind you x x x x x
Awww thank you all so much for the encouragement :) , I am determined to stick with it, on day four and I am not hungry. Seem to be thirsty alot and have a horrid taste in my mouth but i need to do this. I still think about food alot but hoping in time that will subside, I enjoy the choc and vanilla shakes and look forward to them. Have put my scales in the boot of my husbands car,so there not here through the day and he won't let me get them out in the evening...I will continue to do this. I thank you all sincerely for ur support. Truly wonderful ladies. Good luck on ur own journeys xxxx
That horrid taste in your mouth means that you are fully in ketosis and will be losing weight, so you should be pleased that you have stinky breath!

Clair x
That horrid taste in your mouth means that you are fully in ketosis and will be losing weight, so you should be pleased that you have stinky breath!

Clair x
Hi, thank you and in that case I am happy I have bad breath, I have been so cold and tired today. My husbands been moaning that it's warm and there's me with goosebumps!!!! However I am focusing on Tuesday. :)

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