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S: 77.11kg C: 64.5kg G: 56.25kg BMI: 26 Loss: 12.6kg(16.35%)
Im gutted. Week 1 I lost 4lbs (which TBH I always lose on week 1 of any diet!) I have followed WW and logged everything, I have had plenty of weeklies left, and have struggled to use my dailies, to use them up on an evening I have been having 4pp worth of WW chocolate stuff (brownies or a mini roll) Wednesday night I went out for a meal, I did my best to point it, and chose wisely, not having pudding etc, I had lots of exercise points left and i didnt even use all my weeklies desite over guessing the meal value.

I have done the shred every day and have been running too.......burning up to 500 cals a day, I have had no inch loss (well my jeans are still too tight!) and I GAINED 1lb this week!!!!!

Im used to doing VLCD and they really work for me, Im on the verge of binning WW and doing a few weeks on CD, Id have lost my weight in about 6 weeks!

What have I dont wrong with the WW thing? :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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S: 18st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 8st11lb Loss: 3st8lb(18.87%)
Don't give up hun!

I had 2 weeks where I STS & was really going to jack it in cos I was doing everything right so I had a chat with my meeting leader & we decided on a plan.

1. try cutting bread & pasta from 'diet' for 2 weeks & see what happens. This worked for me & at the next WI i'd lost 7lbs!!

If the above hadn't worked my leader was going to make me eat every single daily & all weeklies to try & kick start my metabolism.

Also I had to increase my calcium intake as I only had 1/4 pint milk per day for breakfast.

The other factor could be that you're not eating enough. Also I wasn't eating enough for the amount of exercise i was doing.
I do 4 zumba classes per week & a legs,bums & tums class.

Try 1 thing at a time & see how you get on. It will be worth it. :):) xxx


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S: 17st10lb C: 16st4.0lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 1st6lb(8.06%)
Our bodies are strange machines, years of dieting takes it's toll and unsettles the balance, you have to stick with it as its a LOT healthier than a VLCD and better for you. Just change your mind set and like it says " The weight took a longtime to put on so it aint coming off quickly!" Stick with WW it DOES work and you will be alot healthier for it! :)


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S: 15st10lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 3st6lb(21.82%)
How many dailies do you get? I'd be guessing you'll be on the lower end of the scale looking at your weight and your picture? (Where you look fabulous by the way).

It is possible that you're not eating enough... doing all that exercise and not eating much your body is going to shut down it's metabolism and hang on for dear life to everything that it's got!

Also with exercise you have to bear in mind muscle gain, and water retention.

Then there's TOTM!

Stick with it, the scales WILL start to come down and you'll feel great for it. On a VLCD i couldn't imagine you'd be able to do all that (if any!) exercise which is far more beneficial for you in the long term. Are you measuring inches? This is also a good way to tell if you're losing, which i would imagine you would be doing all that exercise.

Hope this helps :)


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S: 16st0lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st9.5lb(10.49%)
do you go to meetings? If so I would say take your tracker along and go through it with your leader to see if they can give you any tips as to what to try differently.

Also is the exercise a new add in or were you doing the same level before? As others have said the weight gain could be muscle weight and that you've improved your fat percentage ratio even if its not actually showing on the scales right now.

All I would say is remind yourself why you chose WW over Cambridge this time - I'm guessing from your post that you've done Cambridge before and maybe regained some of what you'd lost? With WW you are less likely to have that rebound weight gain as you alter your lifestyle as you go and your body adjusts to it as opposed to Cambridge where you go from 450 calories a day to suddenly trying to eat normally. WW isn't a fast fix by any means but in the long run it has its advantages over Cambridge and is certainly a lot less stressful on your body.

I do understand the temptation though - I did Cambridge before and I know that if I do it again I could lose the weight much quicker than by sticking to WW where I will have ups and downs. But at the same time CD totally screwed up my relationship with food mentally, although it was pretty bad before anyway lol, and it also had a nasty effect on my health. Not only did it supress my thyroid function to a point where it made me quite seriously ill but it also caused kidney stones and 2 months after I finished it I was curled up in a hospital bed in A&E wanting to scream in pain because it hurt so much - it may not happen again but the fact that its a known risk and the memory of that makes me never want to have to go down that road again.


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S: 77.11kg C: 64.5kg G: 56.25kg BMI: 26 Loss: 12.6kg(16.35%)
I do WW online, I get 29 dailies, and I really dont think its under eating. I dont eat much in the way of carbs, but I will try cutting out what I do eat and see how that goes.
I kept my CD weight off for 2 years, and after a period of feeling low, I over ate excessively for about a month and and I piled on about a stone, so it went on very quick, hence having no clothes that fit me very well.! I chose WW as I had gone through that period of binging, and one thing I have managed to control on WW is the binge eating (so far !!)
I felt so gutted after going for the meal with my husband on Wednesday ( he works away 7 months at a time, and he got home for 36 hours!!) I tried hard not to over do it, and the next day I had put on 4lbs!!!!!!! I had a prawn cocktail and gammon, mushrooms, toms, 1 onion ring and about 8 chips! So not OTT??
The exercise is new to me, and Im loving it, and feeling more toned, I forgot to do my measurements, but I havent lost inches as my jeans still feel very tight.
Im going to give it this week and see how I get on, I just hope I can do ok.


I think the other post is right, if your exercising alot then you need to eat some of your ap otherwise your body will go into starvation mode. im on 29 daily and i eat all my weeklys and most of ap and i loose about 2lb a week! xx

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