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After my measly loss I checked for ketosis today and I am not in ketosis.

I am barely hitting 20gs carbs a day, finding this all very disheartening at the moment. I am working my bum off making sure everything is weighed and calculated and for what!!?

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dont forget water and the salt intake


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I always drink 2ltrs a day and my salt intake is fairly low actually.
really getting peeved now :(
Might have to start calorie counting aswell as carb counting
come on ............ it will make sense .......post exactly what you eat and see if we can decipher it .......... are you having enough ? xx


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I seemed to be knocked out of ketosis for no reason! Chin up love! It's got to happen! Xx

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I've been knocked completely out of it before and not known why, and as much as I do love to see that I'm in ketosis, if you're losing weight and feeling better, perhaps it is best not to focus on that aspect of it. Like mDI says, you might need to ensure you're eating enough and eating regularly (I so haven't been doing that this week and I could kick myself) because it really does effect things.

I'm sorry you're so disheartened, I hope you work out what works for you soon, it's clear that you're very determined. Good luck!


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I've looked at your menus and I don't think you're eating enough fat.

Your meals look ok just need to add some snacks.

Look at this article:

Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Perhaps the more fat you eat the more the liver is willing to release from your body (which would explain the more fat, more weight loss theory).

I know they aren't strictly induction but some macadamia nuts would be great for you inbetween meals. Would give a much needed fat boost to your day and keep that liver releasing the fat!
If you mean by 'checking' that you used ketostix, please be warned that they are very unreliable. Many are in deep ketosis yet only register the palest of pale blushes on the stick. Others - like myself - often show no colour change at all on the stick yet are definitely in ketosis.
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i am rarely in ketosis according to the stix , as the others have said maybe keep a food diary and you may see what it is thats your weakness . Best of luck .

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