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OMG what I would give to have lost that much in the first three weeks and then 4lbs every week there after. You have done great. Just look at my loses (not cheated).
Hey! 4lbs is bloody brilliant! That's 4lbs of disgusting, vile artery clogging fat you just got rid of! How could you be disappointed with that! You silly moo!

4lbs a week is a fantastic loss. What other plan would you lose 31lbs in 4 weeks! That's 2 stone 3lbs! You've lost nearly 10% of your body weight already!

You are doing brilliantly. Keep that determination and focus and don't you dare be disappointed!
Oh I've been dying to do this to someone

:copon: hehe
mite be just your week to lose less most people have one week a month that they lose less. dont be disheartened 4lbs is great

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You are being too hard on yourself. Put it in context you have lost a staggering 2st 3lbs in just four weeks. It is a fair accomplishment by any standard. Well done on your progress to date.
Slap in the head, brilliant;) Thanks everyone you've really changed the the way I looked at it. Really glad I found this site:)
Hehe did it hurt? That's the ticket, keep that positive attitude and you'll do grand. There's always someone here to help and support, or if they're like me, give you a slap.
You've lost 4lbs, that's still fantastic & around the average LT expects you to lose! What other diet would you lose 4lbs a week on? Seriously, when you get to the rubbish 1lb I had last week, then you can be disappointed ;-) Well done!

Also, have you taken measurements? Weirdly I got rid of some serious inches last week even though I lost next to nothing! Worth keeping an eye on, as the inches are really more important anyway, right?

Yeah I'm starting in the gym tomorrow so I took measurements today cause if I'm building muscle the rate of weight loss should decrease. I thought the measurements would be handy to keep morale up.

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