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is slowly shrinking

But please don't be so hard in yourself - that 2lbs is still 2lbs gone!! And just look at your ticker - over a third of your goal achieved already :)

Well done on losing again this week hun!
Hey hun awwww please don't be dissappointed you still lost and not gained so that is really good sign...it is a long and hard journey weight loss...i am not exactly the most patient person eva...espec with weight so i do know how you are feeling but think about it this way you are closer to your goal then you think....and you will get there before you know it...don't give up whatever you do....YOU CAN DO THIS HUN!!! :D


Rebel without a calorie
I posted exactly that in week 3. Don't be disappointed as a later post of mine where I compared what my body did on LL showed exactly the same pattern. It's just your own body's way of adapting. Hang on in there! Have a look at my signature and you'll see I lost 4lbs the following week. I've also seen other signatures (manically searching the forum for a pattern!) which showed 6lbs off after a slower week. It's very individual. You know this diet works! You've still lost 11lbs in 2 weeks. When you started you would have read 'lose approx 14lbs per month on total and 10lbs per month on working solution' so your still ahead of the game :)


is slowly shrinking
yes thanks all, i know it is better than nothing, but you try so hard and expect miracle i guess. i see your point dietkitty, but i must admit my legs are thinner as my trousers don;t cling now. so the inches must be going,.:eek::eek::eek:
babe your loss so far is brilliant...coz you have lost so much in your first two weeks, means you don't have as long to reach your goal as you have had a big headstart already...so you have done really well and yeah i think diet kitty is right it is your body adapting to the amount that you are having and i am sure you will have a better loss next week....keep at it..and like you said your trousers are getting looseer to yaay to that...:D.....sometimes you lose inches even though your scales might not go down..and yeah i do get what you mean you do expect miracles...i know i do lool..this is why i want a relii decent loss this week...as this would mean i don't have as long to lose what i have to lose.....:D keep it up hun u are doin brilll
Would you have rather lost nothing at all, last night you were distraught becuase your lying scales said you had gained weight, this morning the lying scales said you have lost 2lbs now after last weekend I would have thought you would be very happy, there's just no pleasing you is there woman. It's those ruddy scales I am telling, *****es the lot of them.
Listen calli like everyone is saying 2lbs is 2lbs and you have to pat yourself on the back for losing them after a long hard week.
Tell me what to do to make you feel better and I will do it.
well done i am soo proud of you for not giving up...that is what i ended up doing when i was on cd...one week when i had a 2lb loss and i was gutted...and that was also the time i realised that crap i can't afford this much longer and i was still in the ten's then closer to 11 stones...but this time i am on a roll and i aint goin to give up til i get to goal :D...soo well dun hun n keep it up and we are all ere for u whenever
Thats what I like to hear, so heres to 5lbs this week. The weekend is just around the corner so throw those bloody bons bons away and let us know if you are struggling so we can get you through it, but you a strong woman and we have every confidence in you.
totally agree with mark :D
heyy markk not seen u in my diary as yet mr lool..tut tut..disappointing lol yh i am kk....bt i am strugglin with the water intake...if u go on ma diary u will read my gym routine todai..if you could, can you please comment on it n leme kno if i have dun well or not lol..thankuu


reaching my goal
calli , you have done so well , we have done diets togther before and you never lost the weight you have lost already 11ibs is huge . I understand how you feel as im easily disapointed if the results are'nt big . every loss adds up in the end before you know it you've reached your goal XX


is slowly shrinking
thanks all, and can i just say good luck to you rose, yes we been there b4 but this time we have to do this together and with the rest of our new friends here.
Mark you will be glad to hear i have no more bon bons.
I was disappointed like you, but everyone is so right - you have to base it on a months loss. You had a big loss in your first week like I did and my next two were low but overall my target is to lose 1 stone a month so im nearly there as you are!!

I know it feels hard and you expect a bigger loss as its a VLCD but your body needs to even things out - 9lbs in a week is fantastic!

Keep positive - and im hoping that my weigh in on Sat is at least a 2lb loss! We forget how heavy 2 pounds is I think!!

I have been 100% apart from one Eve after my second weigh in as I was disappointed so consoled myself with food!!
So obviously don't do what I did!feel a big inch loss though and that doesn't show on the scales xxx

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