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I am really gutted with the way my diet/weight loss is going.

I've been doing slimming world for 3 weeks (2 weeks really rigidly) and i lost 4 lb and am now back up 2 lb, so only 2 lb below my start weight !

I have around 6-7 stones to lose and just feel like a tthis rate it's never going to come off.

I have really seriously changed the way i ate, no fizzy drink, no sweets, no choc, no crisps, 2 slices of bread in 3 weeks, and most days have below 5 syns, but it's just not shifting.

Anyone got any idea - at the moment I'm wondering whether a VLCD would be better but can't really afford it right now - is there a VLCD you can work out at home ?.
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Hi Zoe,

I know it is very frustrating when you have stuck to your diet and the weight does not seem to be coming off.

Food replacement diets work and work well but are not suitable for everyone and you do have to fill out a medical questionnaire form to see if you are suitable.

And alternative would be something like Slim Fast.

Slim Fast is one of those you can do yourself from home where you replace two meals a day with a Slim Fast shake or meal bar and have a low calorie evening meal.

They have a great selection of low calorie recipes that are easy to cook or put together on their site here... SlimFast

Check out how others are finding it here below in the slimfast forum...I think you will find some of them are having excellent results.

SlimFast - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

I hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Zoe i was just eading your thread. and i just wanted to say that i did the sl,imming world diet and it was slow but did work....eventually. i did enjoy it but i did that when i was 30 i went back on the slimming world diet a while back but i was really struggling. i couldnt shift it like before and i wanted quick results too.
I went on the lipotrim diet. and that was amazing. i eally mean that two days wee hard but the weekly results are so boosting and u just se the weight droppping off.
good luck with what u choose


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Try not to get disheartened chick, I know its hard but it will work. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, right? If you want to do it quicker there are ways but just speak to your Slimming World leader and take a food journal. It could be something as simple as carbs too close to bedtime or not enough water. I'd try shifting my mealtimes around a bit and try to have biggest meal at lunch rather than in the evning and things like that. You never know it may work :)


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i have been told quite afew times by people on the site that they lose more weight when they have all their syns, its what they are there for. you can have chocolate n crisps aslong as u stick to the syns. im having jaffa cakes this evo as their only 2.5 each. i think like me you just need abit of guidance at the mo


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Thankyou, I have been having my sins for a couple of days, whereas i'd been trying not too - had a Solero last night mmmmmm.

I know I shouldn't have but i got on the scales this monmring and i have gone down again - that evil 2lb is back off, so fingers crossed it'll stay off lol.


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You'll get there Zoe - Im at a sticking point at the minute, but will get back into the zone once Im back from my hols x


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I've lost every week since starting SW and can't understand why you're not losing if you're sticking to it. We had a woman at our group who wasn't losing, and the consultant advised her to eat little and often to kick start her metabolism, so she'd have 1 weetabix for breakfast for example, and another 2 hours later, and she'd eat like this all day. It worked for her.

Also, don't be too strict as it makes it harder for yourself. I don't eat all my syns every day but I eat out once a week (and have lots of wine!) and don't count my syns then, so it's swings and roundabouts, so long as you have them at some point.


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Well i have suddenly gone down 4lb ! so maybe it's now coming off, i do think i need to get some new batteries for my scales too though, i have a feeling that was the problem lol

So am now 6lb below start weight :)
Hi. I read your thread a couple of days ago and I was too shy to post but I'm not now you seem so positive. I just wanted to say well done and good luck. x
thanks, i just read above again and it sounds comfusing - i meant i have gone down 4lb including the 2 the other day - not as well as - that would be nice.

I really really must stop weighing every morning though.


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S: 11st5lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st7lb(4.4%)
Zoe I'm also weighing every morning, its addictive isn't it? I'm giving my scales to my friend today and she's vowed to only bring them round once maybe twice a week. Congrats on your loss :)


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well done hun! :D

keep it up!
I went to see the dr yesterday and she was quite surprised I hadn't lost more, as I have gone back up 2lb so in over 3 weeks - almost 4 have just been struggling to keep going up and down a few pounds.

She said I am the same weight I was 4 years ago, so she thinks my body is at a plateau (sp) and used to the calories it gets, so doing slimming world, I'm still probably giving my body those calories it needs to maintain my weight give or take (literally) the odd pound.Considering the weight I have to lose I was expecting to have lost more by now.

She wants me to do a Calorie controlled diet, I explained that I always feel hungry being limited on food and calories, so she's given me a 10mg dose of Reductil to try for a month.

She's also given me a form to have bloods done to check my Thyroid.

So today I started off with 2 weetabix, then took the tablet, don't really feel hungry at all, had half a sandwich and a babana for lunch, and having stir fry for tea.

Lets see if this works for me lol
thanks, i just read above again and it sounds comfusing - i meant i have gone down 4lb including the 2 the other day - not as well as - that would be nice.

I really really must stop weighing every morning though.

I think weighing too often sets us up for failure. We all know that fluid balance can cause the reading on the scales to go up or down or both many times each day. Once a week really is enough. Indeed when closer to goal once a fortnight or even a month is probably a much better indicator of actual fat lost.

It is so disheartening to jump on after a 'good' day and see no result, or even a gain, but we can deal with this by weighing ourselves less often.

Good luck and stick with it, long term. That is what makes the difference!

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