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District Finals - S/W Woman of the Year

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I'm in! I'm going to the District Finals of the Slimming World Woman of the Year for the Scotland North Area.

It all takes place tomorrow (Sunday 20th September) - it's a daytime thing so it'll not be too glitzy, with designer evening wear and tiaras (thank goodness)!

I'm nervous enough at the thought of meeting all those ladies with their brilliant weightloss stories - I'm excited about it all and the group, my consultant and my family are all chuffed for me too.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

Anyone else out there going to be at my District Finals event in North Queensferry? If so, let me know and we could maybe catch up with you there! ;)

Anyone else going to their District Finals? Let me know?

All the best o'luck'n'stuff to all the other contestants! A Huge Well done to all the "Woman of the Year" winners from all the groups - whether you're going to your District Finals or not!
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Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Awww............ Nobody else going? I thought lots of you would be?

I'll keep you posted on my day out anyway - Cheers
oooh how exciting!!! :D well done you! :D xx
Hi Jacky - congrats - that's magic!!!

I'm going too. Leaving here at 6.30am tomorrow - eek!

Are you preparing anything to take with you? Not sure if I need to take pics or prepare anything to say?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

Christine xx
Hi Jacky

I've just joined this site, starting SW tomorrow and having seen your post and that you've lost a fantastic 83lb :0clapper:, it's given me a huge incentive to make this work for myself.:bliss:

Good luck for tomorrow

Good luck both of you! Fingers crossed and well done on your amazing losses!!!
what time is it tomorrow - might try and pop along to see what it is like?

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Just logged in this morning (Sunday) - Today's the day! Thanks so much for the lovely words of praise folks!

Event starts at 11.30am this morning - Not sure if you'll be allowed to "drop in" - I've been told I'm only "allowed" one person with me - hubby coming along - he's going to be taking pictures of the whole event and walking around showing off my photos on my display board I've put together, but my Consultant apparently "can't make it today"! I'm a bit miffed at that, and hubby is pretty annoyed about that one! My 5 kids and 10 grandkids are a bit miffed that they can't all be there to cheer me on in person, the other members of my group would have wanted to be there too .......... but obviously they must have their reasons to be restricting the "guests".

Christine - sorry I've logged on here and it's just after 7am so I've missed you! I hope you DID take some photos? As for preparing anything to say, I reckon it's best to just talk from the top of your head anyway, so hopefully that's not going to be a problem for you today - pity your Consultant or her Manager didn't tell you anything about this!? I'm afraid my Consultant wasn't very forthcoming but I know her Manager as she was my original Consultant when I first started S/W - 6.30am is an early start for you - maybe I'll see you there but I don't know what you look like, hopefully you'll recognise me from my photo on here and come over and have a chat? By the time to look at this it'll all be over - all the best o'luck'n'stuff to you anyways!

I'm sure it'll be a really inspiring day for me and everyone else going along to one of these events today - I really do wish all the best o'luck to you all!

I'm going to get myself ready - I've "borrowed" most of my outfit from my daughters! Feels great being able to borrow clothes in sizes 10's and 12's from the 4 daughters, not just make up, shoes and bags as I used to do before when I was wearing sizes 20's and 22's! - lol

I'll keep you all posted once I get home!
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This will be too late, but good luck for today - we had the area manager take our class last week and it was her that told us about it and said to come along. Shame your consultant can't go with you, can't wait to see the pictures.
Just a wee note to say I'm home and had the pleasure of meeting Jacky and her husband - Jacky you are positively skinny and your photos don't do you justice!

Had a brilliant day - someone from the schotts (is that how you spell it?) group won, she had lost over 7 stone and is currently at target. I don't know how the judges decided coz there were a few who really stood out.

I'm shattered after a 9 hour round trip!!! Off for a cup of tea and hifi bar!!

Christine xx

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Hi Folks - Yesterday was an amazing day!

After posting on here in the morning I got ready and wore my daughters size 10 skinny grey jeans! I also wore a black vest top, a sheer black frilly necked blouse, and a little black waistcoat - again these all belong(ed) to one or other of my daughters! (hee hee) I felt really great! It's really brilliant feeling this slim!

I met the lovely Christine who really IS a "yummy mummy" - you looked terrific, and your photos showed how far you've come - and you didn't appear nervous at all during your wee talk - well done! A big THANKS to you for saying those lovely things about me in your post - CHEERS! - I'll put the photo of us on this thread when I get them all back from SW (if that's ok with you, and I can suss out how to actually do it!)

Neither of us two "skinny minnies" (hee hee hee) actually won the title for our district but we were all made to feel like "winners" in our own right - it was all very inspirational! (I'm sure you'll agree yummy mummy Christine?)

The girl who DID win was from Shotts in West Lothian and she'd lost 7st+ her photos showed a big difference! I agree that there were a few others who stick out more in my mind though - a few had lost 10st! One lady had needed a wheelchair before she lost weight but can now walk, all be it with a stick! - I reckon that we were ALL worthy winners anyway, and in some ways I'm actually glad it's not me that's going to get all that media attention - who needs the "paps" clicking away at you all the time? You wouldn't get any peace from them would you? lol

Hubby and I got talking to 2 of the judges after the competition - we were actually blethering away before the whole thing started but we had no idea they were going to be judges! - They were the couple who won the Mr & Mrs Slimming World 2006 National Finals and who live in the North of Scotland, near Aberdeen I think, real "celebrities" - they were really nice and they let Ann (my original Consultant, who was taking the "official" Slimming World photos on the day) take photos of hubby and I with them - so I'm looking forward to getting them from her soon. Anyway they told us that, as judges, they had to listen carefully while we were all giving our little talks about ourselves and tick as many of the little boxes they had on their judging forms, and if they didn't have all the boxes ticked they could ask questions to try to "prompt" the responses they wanted to fit the forms ..... ..they said they had to put "black marks" if we referred the the food optimising as a "diet" or if we said anything derogatory about the plan ......they said they couldn't go into TOO much detail about what was required but we got the general idea! There were 3 judges altogether, so it all seemed pretty fair.

After we had all taken our turn of giving a little talk, off the top of our heads about our "journey" the judges went off to decide on the winner - we all sat round in the main area with a cuppa and a snack from the SW prepared buffet - the judges came back and the winner was announced - she was quite emotional and it would have been nice if she could have given a few words of "thanks" but that didn't happen, she got a certificate, a silver pen & paperweight type stand (just like the Mr & Mrs one hubby and I won in March) - hers obviously had Slimmer of the Year District Winner on hers, or words to that effect! She also got a lovely bouquet of flowers, got her photos taken for her Press Release and she'll be going onto the next stage, which I think will be the final to be held at SW Head Office in Derbyshire! Maybe we'll see something about it all soon - if anyone does, maybe they could update everyone on here?

All in all, I feel it was a day to remember - a big WELL DONE to everyone who was there, and anyone who was at any of the other district finals yesterday ..... not heard from anyone else who was going from this forum, I'll trail through the other threads but maybe someone could let us know on this one if they spot any other news relating to this competition?

My wee skinny fingers are now typed to the bone (hee hee) I'll look forward to hearing more ..........
Thanks for the update Jackie, it sounds like you all had a fantastic day. It is good when there is a local event happening to celebrate peoples success. Ann seems lovely - we had her visit a couple of times and she took our class last week. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

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