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Discover Dizzie's Weigh In diary


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Well, I've come to the end of my first week on Discover, after a slow couple of months on SW, I've stuck to the plan all week other than one day when I went bonkers and wiped out the full day and probably another day or 2!!

So I've lost a full 2lbs and I am delighted. :)

Head down now but my holiday starts on Friday and I neither expect to lose or STS on that week but I have such a dreadful couple of years with personal stresses that one lesson I have learnt is that life isn't a rehearsal, and is for living. I'm going to enjoy my holiday and will be straight back on on return!
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Hi well done on a successful first week! I'm also doing discover and so far so good! Keep up the hard work x

I am back from my holidays - haven't dared to get on the scales but tomorrow morning I will jump on and accept the weight gain gracefully before heading off to the supermarket to stock up!! However had a lovely week and have come back very relaxed so job done!! :D

I've read some of my old WW mags and have jotted down a couple of recipes to try this week for some variety.

Tomorrow is 20th June and I head off to Toulouse for 3 nights 21st July so I am setting myself a 10lb target for that period, just over 4 weeks, it will be hard but I am going to be 100% committed, so that is 2 mini targets to achieve, and I want to prove to myself that I can do it!!

Will be back to posting my food diary and will set my new targets tomorrow when I weigh in.

Good luck to all!! When I've sorted this mound of washing I will look forward to settling down and seeing how you have got on

Laters :)

OK, so 4lbs on.

Not too upset with that!

so ------------------------------------- drawn and move on!!

Gonna do my shopping list now and hit the supermarket this morning.

Back to Sunday weigh ins, so aiming for a 2lb loss this week. I've reset my targets to aim to be at 12 stone by 30 October, which is a loss required of 2 stone 6.25lb, slightly more than 7lbs per month, but only just! Will adjust my signature later to reflect new mini targets.

Well done dizzy getting straight back to things. You have drawn the line and set your goals . well done you.!!! .

Love your goal of 7lb a month till october. I would hope to keep it till xmas at least (lots to loose) but will try and keep up with you . Have hols in August too but if I can stay off the sweet stuff will be fine ..french food tends to be healthy . lots of fab melon in the summer .
Well done dizzy getting straight back to things. You have drawn the line and set your goals . well done you.!!! .

Love your goal of 7lb a month till october. I would hope to keep it till xmas at least (lots to loose) but will try and keep up with you . Have hols in August too but if I can stay off the sweet stuff will be fine ..french food tends to be healthy . lots of fab melon in the summer .
thanks! :)

Looks like we are similar weight and height, with similar loss to date and target weights!!

It will be good to keep on track together :D:D

Good luck
Sunday 26 June 2011

Loss = 2lbs

Not as much as I would have liked but I have found it very difficult this week post holiday mode - just wanted to keep snacking on the wrong things!! Never mind, a loss is a loss so that is good! :D

Next week will be difficult due to my shifts and some extra's I am working, I think I will be purchasing mainly from work so will do my best to make healthy and good point choices but I won't expect to be able to put one foot in front of the other by Thursday evening so just really hope I don't throw it all away then and reach for the naughties! To keep me on target I have to have a loss of at least 1.5lbs next week.

Good luck all, hope the sun is shining and you have a wonderful day

D xx


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Sunday 3 July

1lb off, it has been a very long week with very long hours resulting in a very knackered state on Friday............comforted by wine and chocolate :sigh:

But 1lb off is still a loss so I am pleased that I didn't gain! Think I must have been really down on points on my long days that it was just absorbed on Friday! :rolleyes:


Got short break to Toulouse coming up 21st July so aim to be 100% til then.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!
Well done dizzy . Any minus is a bonus!!!!!!!!! . Keep it going now. Dont worry about friday night . we all need a blow out night. Thats what weeklies are for.

Ooops just realised you are on Discovery. well the best thing to do then is to hold maybe 2 points a day for friday nights blow out .
Thanks Michillinwoman :D

well, I've weighed in a day early because OH "reminded" me.......in other words had never told me in the first place :sigh: ...... that we are at an Anniversary meal tonight which will include lots of wine and calories.

I will do my utmost to get out of it due to the late notice but to be on the safe side I have some points left over from my 100% week, and I have weighed in a day early!!

And lost 3lbs!!! :bliss:

And I am now officially 1 stone off!! :bunnydance: and my 1st target is just a measly .5lb away so I reckon I should be on target to smash that next week!! :D

Have a good day all

Have your anniversary meal girl .Life is too short not to celebrate these things. It doesmt have to be lots of cals . Have a light day before (i.e big salad for lunch with some protein) and make the best choices you can.. I know its hard but you can do it. Go easy on the wine . V high as I learned the hard way the last few weeks !!!!!!.
Helloooo :) here to follow xx
should I change to PP??

Just thought I'd put a note in my diary to say that these last 2 days I have struggled to use my points. Currently on 23, and hoping to go to 22 at next weigh in if I slip out of the 14s and in to the 13s! :fingerscrossed:

I have wondered for a few days if I should attempt PP plan after my little trip away to Toulouse?

Has anyone swopped from Discovery to PP? What were your findings? Is it OK to do so (and even to swop back I suppose if I find that difficult?)

Any views I really would be grateful!! :)

I started on pp and love it but can't comment on the switch I'm
Afraid... Might be nice to try it at least :) xx
I am enjoying PP as well dizzy . Its based on GI I believe so carb stuff is quiet high but you do have a lot of points to play with and your weeklies for your extras. Ask your leader about switching . Im sure you can
Feeling very deflated after being so good - its all in my food diary - and putting on 1lb! :cry: I had so wanted to meet my first target today :sigh:

Going to give some thought to PP but am away from Thursday so between now and then I am just going to eat sensibly and healthily and not have any of the stuff I wouldn't be having on WW. I just can't see the point of planning the same stuff to get nowhere. :confused:

So I will go away and enjoy my short break, buy a WW mag at the airport and plan for PP for when I get back and give it a month when I get back - I don't see how it changes anything having the 49 weeklies when I have been within my daily points, but I've read quite a few diaries on here today and am going to certainly try because alot of you have had consistent losses, and thats all I want - to see it going week by week even if it is just lb by lb!

take good care all, I will be back next Monday when I weigh in again post break, and recommence my diary!

Good luck and onwards and downwards xx

Enjoy the trip and good luck! Pp is fab! It will probs take some getting used to! Xx
Thanks Carly :thankyou:

I've been pro-active this morning and ordered a PP Starter pack from Ebay which should be here by the time I return and I will start PP next Monday, but keep my weigh in days as Sundays.

Still not feeling too good with my grumbly tumbly :sign0137: and have decided that for the next few days I am going to stick with boring and bland to see if it helps settle, so today I've had a bowl of branflakes, will have boiled eggs for lunch and take a chicken sandwich for tea.......

Onwards and good luck, will be back next week (altho doing plenty of reading in between to get my head round PP!!)

Hi Dawn. Dont be too dissappointed about the pound on . could be just water retention or constipation or something . Enjoy your hols and Im sure you will enjoy propoints when you return . I love it so far and find it easy to blend in to my life . I am off on hols in two weeks ...cant wait.. Have a great time !!!
Good luck for PP! I'm here for any queries :) xx

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