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I did over the first few days (and am re-feeling it as i restarted a couple of days ago after falling off the wagon over christmas.
It defo does stop once you get into ketosis. Try to drink plenty water and sit down till it passes x


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I had this when i started first time. It dies pass. Just take it easy. Don't stand up too quick etc. Also, as mentioned drink loads of water x


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Yes, I've been feeling a bit light headed - it's reducing, on Day 5 now and in ketosis -no dizziness though, thankfully. It will pass - maybe you might need to just take it a bit easy for the first week, if you can- best of luck


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I had them the first couple of days, mainly at night when lay in bed, they have stopped now thankfully, just keep your water intake up chick, it really does make you feel better. x


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I also get a bit light headed, and also my brain gets a bit fuddled and forgetful, with a lack of concentration. It doesn't last but it is annoying when i find myself stood in the kitchen with absolutely no idea what i was looking for :)


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Lol thats what i get like steph, but i can b lyk that anyway :) x