Hiya.... just maybe take a few little breaks every now and then??? sit down when you feel a bit dizzy?? I do know that around the time of my period on VLCD I did get dizzy spells but nothing major... keep an eye on it and if it gets worse maybe have a chat with the doc or ur cdc??

hope you feel better soon


Gen xxx


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Hi June

Are you spacing out your packs? You may be flushing them through before you get the benefit with the water you're drinking. Take it easy, consider splitting your packs in half, and please get in touch with your CDC later xx

mrs tweedy

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Hi hun, a lot of people (myself included) have experienced this, I even fainted a couple of times *eeep* and I still didn't get a definitive answer, but luckily the symptoms didn't persist and I am fine now, just wanted to let you know you're not alone it seems to be a v common temporary side effect of the vlcds xx


Going to do this......
thanks DQ waiting for reply from CDC.............
have shake for brekkie about 11. thensoup about 4, then have crisps about 8..........................now looking at this.do you think 11-4 is too long.maybe i will try splitting the packs
thanks for the advice.

how are you going


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I try not to go more than 4 hours between packs (apart from when I'm sleeping, lol). If you split them, you can have 6 during the day and see if that helps? xx

mrs tweedy

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possibly try not cooking that one pack? see if the extra vitamins help? (I know this wont be a popular solution, I used to totally rely on my daily 'pack' of crisps, now I don't bother so much but if I couldn't have my mousse each day I'd go mental)!