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  1. kirbymarie

    kirbymarie New Member

    Hi all im 17, just started lipotrim 4 days ago im feeling really sick and dizzy ive stuck to it i really want to lose weight for my 18th birthday,
    just wondering how long it take for it to get abit better?

    Starting weight : 16.1s
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  3. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    that's probably just ketosis kicking in, just drink plenty of water you should be fine
  4. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Full Member

    I found in my first two weeks, especially my first, that alot of water and early nights worked great. Im going in to my 6th week now and I still get dizziness and had quite a few this past week but im putting that down to the hot weather. Just take things steady :)
  5. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    Every morning without fail when I wake up to get out of bed, I can't see a thing and go all light headed and dizzy but after a few seconds it goes away ... I just put it down to not having had much water through the night! After all, the amount of calories also that I consume on a daily basis versus the things I do is next to nothing so it's half expected! I wouldn't worry too much just try drink as much as you can.

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