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Dizzys Diary!

Hi All!!!
My CDC came round tonight, so I am all stocked up for the week! Im excited but so nervous!Im positive this time will be it!!
For the first few weeks im gna focus on getting through each day at a time, then once its easier get through each week at a time!
Im excited to lose about a stone a month, ideally id like to get down to about 10 stone, although my CDC for some reason wasnt too keen on this and put my target as 11 and half. Im unsure y? Im 5'7 so anything between 9 and 11.7 is a healthy range for me. She said id prob be a size 12 at this weight, but I want to be a 10-12 lol. Unsure why she wasnt so enthusiastic about the 10stone mark but im sure il find out when I get down to this! maybe its just so my target isnt so far off?
The water part of the diet doesnt phase me as I only drink water or squash anyway, and I love the challange of drinking 3+litres of water. This was another thing, my CDC said not to drink more than 2.5litres of water a day, but because iv done this before and because I read alot of ur posts, we can drink more right? I used to aim for about 4 litres but when I mentioned this she looked abit horrified lol.
Im going to drink at least 3 anyway.

Im going to try n cram in as much uni work, house work, and playtime with my son as I can during the day so that I can get to bed as early as possible to beat the evening cravings in this next week. It might even mean im on time for Uni for once!lol.

I weighed 17Stone 3.5 tonight.

I hope to lose about 7 stone. Ideally before the start of uni at the begining of October, but the time scale isnt so important to me, as long as I get there and im healthy.

So wish me luck!!

Dizzy xx
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Yay im first to write in your diary :D Yes you can drink more as long as you space it out.
Good luck hun you can do it and October will be here in no time x


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Good luck, what energy and determination. You will do fab. You are now starting your slim journey - weel done. Keep us informed how you get on.


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Yea you can definitely drink more. I usually drink drink 4 - 5 litres throughout the day, and thats not forcing it down by no means! I don't drink tea or coffee so when others are drinking them I drink water so it all adds up!

Good luck on your journey!


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what a positive and upbeat post i love it!! you cdan do this! eurgh i struggle with 2 l of water i cant stand the stuff but have noticed my hair and nails are lush :) so ill keep drinking :)

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Good luck Dizzy, making the decision to do this diet means you are already on your way to where you want to be x
Day 2! Im feeling okay, a bit tired but I know this will pick up in the next few days. I am loving the shakes, last time I tried CD I didnt have any chocolate shakes, what a fool I was! (I only lasted 2 weeks last time).
And the warm chicken and mushroom soup last night helped fill me up a little before bed time, which was alot earlier than usual!

I have just got back from doing abit of shopping, and I popped into a clothes shop with the intention of buying a size 12 dress to hang in my room to keep me motivated, I am currently an 18/20, so seeing this each morning would keep me in check! However, when I actually picked up the size 12 clothes they looked so small. (prob cos im used to buying much bigger stuff!)
Its not that I dont want to be that small, I defo do! But I just cant imagine me ever fitting into this dress, so in the end I didnt get it.
Have any of you felt like this when you started out? and are any of you now in those clothes you never thought you'd fit into?

Im going to try not to talk about the food I wish I could have etc, cos I dont think this would help me or you lovely people who may be reading this!

Also, I cant stop daydreaming of what its going to be like when Im slim n healthy! :)

Good luck to you all who are being weighed today,

Dizzy xx
Day 3.
Lastnight was fine! Iv been expecting some major cravings like I had last time, and having to battle with myself not to eat, but im fine! Im very suprised, if im honest, these last couple of days have been, dare I say it, easy.
Its only 10.20 on day three so lets hope it stays this way!

Dizzy xx


cos i need this xxx
heya!!! loving your diary so far and keep up the good work!! i'm on my 4th week of cd and so far havent really given it much but am still 9 lbs down :)
had my first size change which was cool - going from 18 jeans to 16's :)
keep up the good work and im sure you'll get to your goal easily :)

heya!!! loving your diary so far and keep up the good work!! i'm on my 4th week of cd and so far havent really given it much but am still 9 lbs down :)
had my first size change which was cool - going from 18 jeans to 16's :)
keep up the good work and im sure you'll get to your goal easily :)

Hi! well done! bet it was sooo good to drop a jean size! 9lb is great!
Thank you, I cant wait to get to goal, but one step at a time i guess :)

Dizzy xx


cos i need this xxx
yep - step by step is defo the way!! my aim this week is to get below 14st - heres hoping! think im gonna do it though :)

Day 3.
Nearing the end of the day, and am looking forward to my soup! at the moment I feel asthough I should just set up camp in the bathroom Im on that loo soo much!! didnt realise one person could pee so much! jeeez!

Every now and again im getting a few thoughts about food, and then a sinking feeling that im not going to be able to taste it for a while! BUT then I have a word with my self and think of the weight im going to lose! As iv mentioned before, its been easier than expected but I wish I could get rid of these little thoughts!

I had a sneaky weigh in today, even though I said I wouldnt, couldnt halp myself! the scales said 16st 9.5 and on Sunday I weighed 17st 3.5 so thats 8lb in 3 days, although I have to say, on sunday I was weighed on my CDC scales and the weight today was on mine so it might not be this much, even so, YAYYYY!:D
Its mostly water but still!! Im not going to weigh again untill my CDC comes round, just so I dont get my hopes up and her scales say different!
I know I keep saying it but im suprised at myself, so this is what willpower feels like? I like it!!
Im yet to have a full day at uni on this diet as I havent been in this week yet, normally im okay while im at uni but its when im finished I usually pig out. I think tomorrow im not going to take any money with me, and once Im home Im safe as theres nothing really here to eat.Well there is but by the time iv cooked it I would have talked my self out of it!

I dont know how everyone else feels about this but Iv only told one person (other than u lot!) that im on this diet. Not because im ashamed of it but for a few reasons, one being that this is like my millionth attempt at a diet and I think people would just think oh here we go again! and also that I always get negative comments from people, mainly my parents, who may I add said the same stuff about SW when I did that only to eat thier words when they started and realised in fact you could eat that much and still lose weight! I will tell them and other people cos theres goning to come a point when I have to, but for now in the early days I dont need to feel asthough people think im going to fail, you know?
Im going home in about 5-6 weeks for a few days, so il have to tell the rents then, and no doubt il see some friends and have to explain why im not drinking, but im hoping by then I would have lost enough weight that its noticable and that they realise that this time I mean buisness!!

Also im really excited as iv just realised its Thursday tomorrow, meaning its nearly friday meaning its nearly the weekend meaning that monday is nearly here, meaning the first week its nearly over!!

Good luck to you all ,

Dizzy xx

P.S My little boy had chocolate eggs today, and just smelling them seems to be enough, he gave me a few funny looks tho!! :p
Also im really excited as iv just realised its Thursday tomorrow, meaning its nearly friday meaning its nearly the weekend meaning that monday is nearly here, meaning the first week its nearly over!!
lol what a great way of looking at it.
Massive congrats on the 8lbs..wow thats fantastic. Your friends are bound to notice in 6 weeks whan you go back.
Sniffing food some how became on obsession for me too. Mac D's egg McMuffins were my favourite!
Day 4.
The days nearly done, and again im looking forward to my evening soup! I find having a soup in the evening rather than a shake helps fight off the cravings. Which Iv had a couple of today, I keep thinking of getting a yummy takeaway in the evening, because I feel like iv been so good but iv only been on the blinkin diet for 4 days!! lol.
just plodding along...

Dizzy xx
Day 5.
Im feeling alot less tired today! ketosis may have finally kicked in! It my TOTM so iv got cramps, which is rubbish!
SS'ing + Cramps = Grumpy Dizzy!
My little boys been at nursery alot this week which has helped as he eats there, and if hes hungry when he gets home he has ryvita and cheese, which I dont like! and the fruit he munches on in the morning I can easily avoid. HOWEVER, today I picked him up early cos its I had finished my uni work and its been quite a heavy nursery week for him so some time with mummy is much called for, and about 30 mins ago he asked for a burger! and as he has an early dinner on a friday I thought id let him have what he wants, so off I go to the kitchen n cook up a burger in a bun and a couple of smily face potatoe things...so now, im sat next to him muching away, and it smells SOOO good!
But is okay, the smell of it is enough and he wouldnt let me have any even if I did ask!lol.
He doesnt normally have burger etc so when he does he doesnt share lol!

I didnt have my soup last night as I ended up getting on with abit of uni work and by the time i got up to make it I was so tired I just went straight to bed. I know I NEED all three a day so im making an effort to have the evening one early or before I get involved in distracting stuff!!
Im abit worried about this weekend, my little one is at his dads meaning I wont have much to distract me from eating! I could go out with a few friends but this my result in eating too! Hopefully I stay strong and dont dial a takeaway! althought they might end up ringing me, asking if im still alive!

Dizzy xx



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lol dont ring a takeaway or if you do just have chicken ! im sure youl be fine you sound very positive and upbeat and great stuff bout the ketosis though i have to say i still find myself being hungry even when ketosis kicks in :(

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