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Do I bed the books?

Hi all!

I've decided to give pp a go as I need a change from sw - my weight has been steady for a good couple of months and I still have over a stone to go.

I've signed up for the 2 week trial (although I find the site a bit confusing) and I've found a website that has a pp calculator that seems to be the same ad the ww one to use on my phone - as you need flash for the official one and I have an iPhone.

I just wondered if I need the books? Is it worth finding a meeting and paying the 5.95 to get them? I can't go to meetings as I have 2 little ones but just wondered if the books will tell me anything that I won't know otherwise??
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Argh! I don't think I can change the title. I meant NEED not bed obviously!!!!!


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welcome to the darkside hehehe!

I'm doing it online and personally I don't think you need the books. But I do have a job with internet access so I can sit there during the day and work out what I'm going to have for lunch with the tracker.
Personally I think the calculator is by far the most important purchase. If you have the calculator (purchased or a free online one, whichever) you don't NEED (or bed :p) the books. Unfortunately Esource is notoriously inaccurate so it's best not to rely on it if possible.
The only thing i would say is, if you eat out a lot, the eating out guide is worth it. You don't really need the shop one as all products have their nutritional info so you can work out points if you have the calculator. But it can be hard to work out if you're eating out. the eating out guide has a bunch of places, and even if the specific place you're eating at isn't in there, there's usually something you can compare to at least have some idea.
Also, worth having a wee look on ebay and stuff to see if there's any books kicking around to save you having to go to the meeting :)
DDon't worry about taking your kids to the meeting! Loads of people take babies, toddlers and older kids to our meeting and I've never heard anyone complain. (And they just love putting up their hands when the leader asks questions :) )
Thanks for all the responses! I now have iwatchr and it's fab!
I do eat out/ have take aways a fair bit due to hubby being on the road so I can imagine the eating out guide would be good.

As for going to meetings.... I used to take them to SW with me and noone minded, they were very popular with everyone but I found it hard to listen to the meeting as my youngest who is 1 can't sit still for 2 seconds!

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