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do I cook a roast?

Well do I cook something for Sunday lunch that I don't like, or a roast dinner which I love? How would I stop myself popping a crispy potatoe in my mouth?!
How do you all get through Sundays?
If I lived alone I would be able to do this diet so much easier! Isn't it horrible preparing food for everyone and not being able to eat any of it!
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HI , I am the opposite , I always cook things that I love much more when I am on |CD !!! I seem to take satisfaction from cooking and the lovely smells , I sniff a piece of chocolate at least oncce a day !!!!! If I smell it I can imagine I can taste it and it somehow leaves me very satisfied !!

sorry I wasnt much help !!!
No you weren't! Ha!
I think they will have to go without a roast. I'm going to order 2 large pizzas, I'm not that into pizza and I'm sure I could make myself busy while they eat them.
But there will be many Sundays if I stay strong on SS. X


please try again
i cook a roast every sunday, doesnt bother me these days, honestly you get used to it

i plate it up and take it to them and the left overs get put away immediatly
Maybe next week when I'm not sooo hungry I'll cook one.
If I do one today I'll ruin yesterday and go back to day 1. Again!!!
I think I'm thinking about food too much!
Hope to get to where you are soon, cooking and not being bothered about eating it x
Your so lucky, must be good doing it together, no temptation. !
Really? Your lucky. I can't ever imagine my Hubby doing it with me. It's sooo good. Do you have any food in the house? Or temptations?
We just buy meat, eggs and allowed veg (im on SS+) but our cupboards are full of tins and sauces and stuff that we can't eat haha! But we dont have anything in to tempt us at all :) I think I have it easy compared to most of you!!!

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