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Do I go for it?


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tomorrow morning after I pick up my stuff from the CDC?

or Tuesday after 2 parties on Saturday and a food filled course on Monday?

I'm 50/50 - aaarrghhhh!

this is my 2nd time CD, I stopped after 5 weeks and 2 stone the first time as we moved house, and now I'm back, have 70lbs to loose and a wedding renewal in March 2012
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I think because you have thought about the idea that you want to deep down , I mean go to the parties but its all up to you .


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I would think it is best to start when you have no temptations and can get a good run at it as once you are fully in ketosis you have more resolve to stick with it.

Good luck with your CD journey!


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Go to the parties and the course and start on Tuesday I would say, enjoy the food and good luck with your journey. (Perhaps it's good to think about how you will deal with social and work events in the future, I found that being mentally prepared helped me, I would practice what I would reply if colleagues offered me some birthday cake in the office etc, so yes, what I'm trying to say is, enjoy the food now without guilt but me mindful that there will be more parties etc in the future and it might be good to think of a "strategy" to deal with this).

Good luck with your journey! x


Must do it this time
Id definetly go to the parties and start on tuesday,think of it as like a last supper(s)and enjoy them all immensley.


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I would say start reducing your carbs down from tomorrow so you don't get scuppered by the parties etc and it will make it easier when you start Tuesday - good luck


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I agree with the above... dont go wild at the weekend eating like you'll never eat again but dont start till tuesday. I think you need to feel 100% ready to start and the first few days are the hardest whilst you are getting in the zone so the events will be tempting and stressful so best to start a few days later. good luck! x
Go to the parties, BUT make low carb choices so you can start on your CD journey without massive feelings of guilt.

good luck


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thanks all, I've picked up my stuff and decided to start tomorrow, giving myself today to wrap up and have a nice meal with my hubby and baby

I thought that the parties, as they are kiddies one will probably be full of sugar and fat anyway, so good time to start
and we have been given a voucher for lunch for the course to choose from shops (LV's) so all is good!

I'm glad circumstances made the decision easier, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning :)


Strong women stay slim
Yes , only you can make up your mind , that is it with diets you have two minds :)
Hope you do really well !
good luck. Let us know how you do :).


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I started on Saturday, cheerfully ignored the jelly & ice cream at the kids party, wanted but ignored the BBQ food at party 2 and took my own food on the course

day 4 now, feeling good - was a little hungry this morning and yesterday but so looking forward to Friday WI that it's not a biggy


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