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do i go to weight in tomorrow or not?

Go to WI tomorrow mate. Bet you will find a lot of people would have gained, and no one would blame you/them either! It was Christmas hun after all hun, your allowed to get yourself go once in a while xxx


Just doing it this time
I would say go to weigh in - face the music. I am in the exact same position as you tonight is my weigh in - I reckon I am 3lb's up and I am dreading it to find out exactly how much - I have been back at SW for about 20 weeks and not gained before - I know it's stupid to feel so panicky about it but I feel I need to face the music although feel really down about it.

I feel that by knowing exactly how much I will do something about it - and not take a few weeks to get that 3lb's back off.

I will be off in an hour to find out what the damage is.

Good luck for yours tomorrow.
thanks you are right- i have lost every week and was doing really well can't understand why i am so ashamed of facing the music best to do it and get ready for the new year! trouble is am still eating rubbish today-
started off with a muller lite and alpen bars with good intentions then have become a human dustbin since eating anything in sight .I need to face the music and draw a line under this Good Luck for tonight-


I will be a Princess!
I'd go to WI hun. It's better to know how much you've put on, and then you can start afresh and aim to lose the weight sensibly over the next few weeks. I gained weight the week before Christmas, and will definitely have put some more on this week, but I still intend to get on my scales and face the music :) xx

EDIT: Forgot to say good luck for WI hun! I've put weight on a few times since starting, and it does shift again, so don't worry too much! :) xx
Go to WI and face the music, not going will only make it harder to get back on track and if you don't manage to turn it around next week it'll be harder for you to go back the week after, which could leave to a spiral downwards.

Good luck and see this as a new starting point for next year, you've enjoyed the Christmas feasting and will probably be in the majority putting weight on.
thistimeiwilldoit said:
I had every intention of staying the same this week but have eaten so much i am up about 6 pounds- so do i go to weight in tomorrow or try and lose it for next week?
I posted an almost identical post last wed!!!! I went, gained 1.5 lbs and was sooo glad I went. I had never had a gain before and was dreading it. Go! Go! Go! X
This time of year is about damage limitation, attending class keeps it to a minimum. I went on Monday and had 1/2lb gain - I call these gains squatters cos they don't stay around long! Go to weigh in, you will feel better for it.


Wanna be loser!!
I'd definitely go =] You know in yourself you'll have gained...so there'll be no unhappy surprises. I think the consultants have more respect for people who go, and especially who stay to class, when they know they haven't had a good week.

Just say to yourself, after class, that you will do everything you can to lose the weight you have gained =]

Good luck and don't worry, it is Christmas after all =]

Lou xx


Just doing it this time
just to let you know that I did go to my class tonight - it was almost cancelled as c's venue had a burst water pipe, had a very nice girls night in with about 15 of us and a giggle and I did gain 2.5lb's but it didn't seem half as bad as I was dreading.....................now I can get on with losing it again and hopefully a further pound this week to be below 11 stones.

Wish you all loadsaluck.
I would go too. I am going in the morning and expect to gain around 7lbs (I literally have not stopped eating - it's shameful!)
My thinking is if I don't go I won't get any credit for all the hard work I am going to do this week if that makes sense. At least if I go and register the gain tomorrow anything I do this week will show up on the scales next week - that's the way I am looking at it anyway! xx


Plodding on.......
Well done time2beslim for going and thanks for letting us know.

I agree with orion above that if you don't go, you won't get credit for the hard work that you do after the 'bad' week.

Good luck for this week.

Gail x
Defo go! I wasn't goin to go on Monday cos I thought I would have put about 5 on and only gained 1lb I wS thrilled with that!

Defo go and never feel ashamed we ate all aloud little blips! Plus it is Christmas! :)

Good luck!! Xxx
I had every intention of staying the same this week but have eaten so much i am up about 6 pounds- so do i go to weight in tomorrow or try and lose it for next week?
Look at it this way - will it make any difference? What you weigh today is what you weigh today. Getting on the scales, or not getting on the scales, won't change the facts.

A consultant I know said to me just before Christmas that anyone weighing in after the holiday break with less than a 5 pound gain would be doing really well. He didn't expect anyone to lose. What he did hope for was that everyone would come back, give themselves a slap on the wrist for any gains they had made, and buckle down to work very hard to get back on track.
Glad that wasn't as disastrous for you as you thought. I'm sure it will come off pretty quickly, and at least you will know how much you lost during the next week.


Plodding on.......
Well done for going. It's not easy.

Good luck for this week.

Gail x