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Do i have to do aam?

My cdc told me that i dont have to do aam next week if i dont want to. Did anyone else not do it?
Also i was wondering if it will make a difference to my weightloss if i just continue with ss as i am finding it very easy and i dont really want to change the way i am doing it at the moment.
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Serial Foodie!

some people do AAM and some dont. it is healthier to do it and u would probably find it gives ur metabolism a boost for a good weight loss the week after.

if u dont wanna do it, why not just do it for a few days instead of a week? that way u will still get the metabolic kick for the following week?

where in SE london r u? im from abbeywood but live in plymouth now :)
Hi Karen
Yes that is a good idea maybe i will do it over the weekend as that is the most difficult time normally and just do ss for the week as usual. Thanks for that:)

I live in Walworth i know Abbeywood i used to live in Woolwich about 4 years ago then i moved to Coventry, just been back in London since July 06 starting to wonder if that was such a good idea with all these kids getting killed though:mad:


Serial Foodie!
ahhh good old woolwich lol. my mispent youth :rolleyes:

I moved down here 4 yrs ago because of how rough it was getting up there. have 3 kids so felt it was better for them. :sigh:

doing AAM even if just for the weekend is a good idea. it sounds like u r dead focused so im sure it wont lead to u wanting to pick and break the diet. GOOD LUCK!!



Serial Foodie!
i would have been due for first AAM this coming week BUT i pigged out last week for a few days so....well....back on track now at least :eek:
Hey never mind at least your back on track. I think we are at the same point then because i should start aam on Monday.
Wishing you luck with your journey im sure you will do great:)


a bit different everyday
im a walworth girl 2, just by east street near the aylesbury but we moved out to pastures new for the sake of the kids u know, its not at all good now is it and well peckham...dont even get me started, now we are near grove park/mottingham
take care
nat xxxxxx
Hi Natayou

Yeah i dont really like it round here at all but its supposed to be temporary hopefully.

You seem to be doing really well with the diet 14lb in the first week:eek: well done


a bit different everyday
awwww thanx babes!
how are you finding it so far, i have not found it so bad yet , thought it would be torture!
i do not want to do aam either, dont think i am ready to eat anything yet, finding the same as you that ss is fine for me and dont want to do anythig that will change that or make me want to eat something else
it should be my aam week starting on sunday so i need to make a decision, will let you know what i do!
have a good day
nat xx
Well i have decided to do aam now since i have looked around on here and found that most ppl have said it did speed up their metabolism. Im not worried that it will make me want to eat anything because i am soooooooo sick of being overweight i dont think theres anything on this earth that can stop me now. (not even the hubby moaning at me or the kids being the little rascals that they are)
I will start mine tomorrow. Quite looking forward to sitting down with the kids eatting:)
Let me know what you decided to do
Goodluck with this week weigh in
Not doing aam

I changed my mind this morning and have decided not to do aam. My cdc told me i dont really have to if i am doing ok as i am. So allowed myself bars this week instead. Tasted the cranberry love it yummmy
AAM is a requirement I'm afraid. EU guidelines state that we must eat.....if you chose not to do AAM then you must have a medical form signed by your doctor saying you are fit to continue on with sole source.

I wish people wouldn't get so hung up on AAM. It's just another Cambridge meal (as a very wise woman on here once said), the same as the rest of your packs. It's part of the programme and is there for good reasons.


a bit different everyday
hi naomi
well i made a mistake and its not my aam till next week, but i do think i will stick with what i am doing for now, might try the bars too as havent had them yet, its a good idea to have them on aam week. I actually am starting to feel you on the nothing could make me want to eat, the further into this i get the more i feel i can do it and boy im so sick of being overweight i really wnat to keep going[as im sure you do too]
hope you are doing well
nat xx
I started my AAM this evening.

I had a chiken and mushroom kebab. I started it off though with the spicy tomato soup...so had a 2 course meal.

I really enjoyed it.

I am just seeing this as a treat for lasting 4 weeks without cheating.

AAM is really good.
  • You get to eat a little so you become less freaked out that you will suddenly put on a million stone the moment you eat.
  • It helps you with knowing what certain amounts of food look like. I'm not going to say that AAM is a good indicator of portion size because its very small but it will get you used to eating smaller amounts.
  • For a lot of people it revs up their metabolism a little.
  • It teaches you control. You cannot avoid food forever and being dumped suddenly back in the deep end with a shed load of food when you haven't had anything for many many weeks is not good.
  • As I have said, its a requirement and your CDC should really be adhearing to the EU guidelines for safely on VCLD's.
They don't do it because they don't have too!! Their programme is designed to work on 14 weeks (100 days of abstinence) - I'm not an LLC, so I don't know the exact reasons but everyone on LL must get a form signed by their doc to start on LL and then they have to have a check up with the docs every 4 weeks and get a form signed - they have no choice. EU guidelines again.
Well the way i see it is in reality vlcd diets are not exactly good for you. If you have a look around you can find all sorts of problems that can arise from doing this diet.

Plus my cdc did not do it neither did my friend and it has not harmed any of them. I think if you have health issue its probably best you do it.

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