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Do I need to seek professional psychological help?


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I'm starting to realise that, since being diagnosed with depression, I eat as a form of punishment. I do it because I hate the way I look amongst other things. What a vicious circle. My doctors are appalling and offer me no help or support on any medical issue.

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Livi I read a book by a woman who had a lot of weight to lose and has since regained. The book is called Passing for Thin and she discusses how much Overeaters Anonymous helped her with her journey. I wonder would they be of any help to you?


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Binge eating disorder has recently become categorized as a genuine Eating disorder - your Drs should give you help and support, if they don't, keep on at them, or ask for a second opinion. It's not fair on you to have to go through this alone.

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Hi Livi,

If your doctors are really that bad, why not change GP's? You don't have to give a reason for wanting to leave. Ask around among people you know and see who what they think of their own doctors and you might get an idea that way of which surgery would be best for you.

I have depression too which has been helped by losing weight and, to a greater extent by exercising. I'm not sure if I would say that I ate as a punishment, but I can certainly agree with it being a vicious circle - I felt fat, horrible and worthless and so I ate partly out of habit but partly to make me feel better. That only makes the problem worse and so you feel even more down/guilty for eating and so it goes on.

I really think you should try and get another doctor if you are unhappy with their unsympathetic approach. My GP wasn't brilliant. Everytime I went, regardless of what it was about, I got "Well, because of your size..." I cried when I left the surgery each and every time. I had a bit of a go at her the last time I went and she was a bit taken aback. The next time I'm due to go in September, I plan on telling her exactly how lousy she made me feel.


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Hi Livi,

GP's can be the most unsympathetic bunch! Eating as punishment is a really vicious cycle, because you end up digging into a deeper and deeper hole. I've done it and am still trying to come to terms with it.

If you can find help then take it, but you have two issues going on here - depression and food issues, and they are probably linked in some way, so some form of counselling may help.

sending big hugs (((((hug)))))

Hi Livi,

I think it's hugely admirable that you've shared something like this on here.

I also think that you may be closer to the solution to your eating habits than most - because you know the cause, and therefore are not concentrating solely on the symptom of the original issues (being overweight for example). That is to be applauded.

You mentioned how doctors you have seen have been crap, and offered no help with any medical issue. Sounds as if the issue isn't medical, more emotional?

So its more to do with what's going on in your mind than anything physical - I know you probably know all of this but well I guess I'm writing back to you because this is exactly how I ended up in my relationship with food.

If it wasn't food, it was cigarettes - anything to consume in order to feel comfort - not exactly the same as you but in the same area I guess.

I wouldn't expect you to want to talk about it here but perhaps really thinking (or even better - writing) about your thoughts especially why you think you are worthy of such punishment could be a good start in the right direction?

I know what I can be like at times - darker times with myself. I'll tell myself I'm not good enough or that I'm ugly or worthless.

A counsellor I used to see asked me if I'd allow a stranger or family member say the very same things I'd say to myself in my head. Of course I told her that I'd smack them around the face - at which point she asked me why I did it to myself every day.

Food for thought. I hope this helps somewhat.

Good luck, love, support and well wishes,


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