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Do I stick to Lipotrim on holiday

I am going on holiday in 3 weeks, I started Lipotrim over a week ago now and lost 11lbs in my first week, i'm feeling really positive this second week and want to keep going, but I booked my holiday a week before I started this and paid extra for half board!! What do I do stick to LT or refeed before I go and stick to 2 shakes a day and one small meal in the evening, I really want to enjoy my holiday but i'm scared I might lose some motivation - i've also heard its alot harder to start again........HELP!!!
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I suppose it depends on how much weight you have to lose. Do you have a lot to lose?
Also, depends on how determined you are to lose theweight!
I know if i was in your position i would re-feed but be ultra careful, but then i wouldnt have started LT untill after my holiday!
Maybe stop, and start again! I duno, whatever feels best for you honey :)
I have got another 5 stone to lose so yeah a long way to go!!.....I was contemplating starting after the holiday but i'm sure i'd have put on 11lbs rather than lost it - really dont know.....its another 3 weeks of LT so who knows how much i'll lose before I go, no regrets starting it just regretting booking a holiday!


I will be skinny again!!!
No dont think like that faye otherwise you will end up not enjoying the holiday you hve paid good money for!!

I know most people on here refeed before holiday!

I would probably do the same, As it will be so hard having a good holiday not being able to drink etc!!

And Yeah ive heard it is much harder to get back into it again but if your really determind you will suceed :)
Thank you - I will refeed and eat healthy, also have a good swim a couple of times a day ........I am determined so will continue being determined its only for 5 nights so surely couldn't put on too much weight in that space of time???!!!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Where are you holidaying to then?

I think aslong as you are carefull with what you eat (try to avoid carbs as this will make restarting harder) you should be ok. And like chelly said if you are determined you will jump back on no problem :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Not if you stay away from carbs!!

Because then hopefully you will pretty much say in ketosis :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah that shold be fine...

But I think drinking while in ketosis is meant to be really bad...

So maybe have a few carbs but not too many :)


It really does work! :)
I'm off to Egypt too in a few weeks, after starting this week, so this thread is interesting to read. I'm going AI too....chemist suggested taking a shake with me for each day then doing high protein meals, stay away from the bread, rice and pasta (all my faves, apart from cake and biccies) lol.

Not a big drinker, so can handle missing out on the beer and wine, as long as the water is cold and clean! :)


It really does work! :)
Going to a place called El-Gouna....first time to Egypt, so don't know what to expect. If I read too much into the horror stories over the food, I may lose weight anyway! :)
I went to Egypt last year too, didn't have a problem with the food......it was lovely.....a few people got ill in the hotel just a bit of a dodgy stomach but I was fine - think its best to stay away from salads - I love it there - I know loads don't - just don't expect the sort of food you get here - but where we were I could still be eating it now!!
Hi I'm going on holiday next week - so my pharmacist recommended I refeed = I am starting tomorrow - but I am going to continue having 1 shake for breakfast all through my holiday.
I will be careful why I am away and as soon as I get back on the Sunday i will start again.
I love egyptian food I'm sorry to say but i went in november and put on 4 pounds in 1 week! I enjoyed it though and i was all inclusive. Although 1st time i went i got deli belly :(
go and enjoy yourself, dont over do the carbs fill up on meat & veg and try to have just a glass of wine with your evening meal.
have a lovely time.

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