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Not sure where to put this - But I received this email today - Thought it might help some strugglers.

The Wt. Loss Minute by Linda Spangle, RN, MA
Great idea: Stick with your plan, even when you don't feel like it
Today, I didn't feel like taking my morning walk! In fact, I used every excuse I could think of to convince myself why I should skip it: I'm so tired, I've been traveling, I'm really behind on my work, etc. Also, I would rather go back to bed and sleep a few more minutes. The truth? Right now, I just don't feel like it!
I'm a country music fan, and I love that great song by Gretchen Wilson, who croons the words, 'I don't feel like loving you today!' In the song, she chastises her man for all the wrongs he's done, and describes how angry she is about all of it. She even hints that she's thought about leaving him. Then she admits that she really does love him, and plans to stay with him in spite of her frustration.
But with each chorus of the song, she proclaims that she doesn't 'feel' like loving him today. We all understand this. So many days, we don't 'feel' like exercising, staying on our diet plans or avoiding the temptation of wonderful foods.
Of course, we also have times when we don't feel like going to work or changing a diaper or cleaning the house. But somehow, we do these things anyway, whether we feel like it or not. I think it's because we prefer the outcomes we get as a result. We want a steady paycheck, a happy baby and house that won't horrify a mother-in-law.
In the same way, you don't have to feel like eating right or exercising in order to stick with your program. In last week's newsletter, I mentioned that if you're just 'interested' in losing weight, it doesn't take much to distract you. But if you're 'committed' to reaching your goals, you stick with your program, 'no matter what!'
Here's rule #2 for staying committed.
Don't let how you 'feel' determine what you do. If you're really committed to your goals, make a choice to follow your program whether you feel like it or not.
Focus on your actions, not your feelings, and push yourself forward in the same way you make yourself go to work or handle other challenges in your life. And on days you don't feel like doing your diet or exercise plan, do it anyway!
Taking a few 'do it anyway' actions each day will add up to a lot of changes over time. You'll also remember what it feels like to use your own power as a motivation tool, rather than hoping that one of these days, you might 'feel' like sticking with your weight-loss plan.
Are you wondering about my morning walk? Well, even though I didn't feel like it, I dragged myself out of bed at dawn, put on my workout shoes, and did it anyway!
To read more about 'doing it anyway,' see Day #3 in the book '100 Days of Weight Loss.'
Note: This is #2 in a series on being committed to your weight-loss plan, not just interested in it. If you missed, #1, you can read it here:
Next week: Does your motivation depend on results?
Great thread Shazza....:D
Thanks Shazza.

I've just printed your post and will post it on my wall, as I need to find constant inspiration at the moment, due to my fighting with my "chatterbox"...and allowing it to win:eek:
This last month I have let myself down big time! I started smoking again after giving up for a year:eek: , I also start cheating on my LL plan.:eek: I have just pigged out yet again.
Having felt guilty for eating soooooooo much I came here and believe I was meant to read your post.
Commitment is what's needed on my menu...not Carbs!
So l plan to put on my trainers and walk on the treadmill for at least 30 mins as soon as I've posted this.
My mantra for today and everyday until I get to goal is COMMITMENT. I will do it!
The carbs can go take a long jump off a short pier, cos I'm commited to losing more weight!.

Thanks Shazza for posting your email, it has given me the push I so badly needed.

What a good email! And all so true, I have been in a right limbo mood these last few days(OK weeks!) and this morning I did not want to go for a swim. However I had made my mind up to go so I did, a bit sulky but I went. When we got back I suddenly realsied I felt better, more of a spring in my step and more cheerful. Was it the exercise? Was it just feeling chuffed because I had not given into my lazy chatterbox? Probably a mix of the two but whatever, I am on my way back and I am so relieved! Love