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Do people resent you for not eating?


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I have a very supportive partner however I'm getting the feeling he is resenting me not eating. Each Saturday night we would most likely get a takeaway and watch a film with a bottle of wine. But of course now I am one my first week of LT last night we didn't have our Saturday night ritual. I think he was almost cross because it was like I had sabotaged something we always do together.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?
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Not really as i don't have an OH so my friends can do whatever we would normally do but just not with me inc. Talk to him about it, it maybe just you being a little paranoid?
I'm sure he was fine and if he says he was grumpy about it then ask him would he rather you be a healthy weight or having another takeaway. It's not forever, even if it does feel like that at times,lol

Have a good day!


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Thanks. It could well be me just being paranoid. I have been having the strangest dreams!! Ha ha.


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
LOL i bet you have been dreaming about eating! Totally normal, nearly all of us have them at beginning, when you wake up you are so relieved not to have eaten it's great.


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((())) I get the feelingm y hubby feels the same way, were saving up to buy a house after our landlady sold our house so weve moved in with my mum and shes terrible, constantly saying, oh a little sandwhich not hurt and saying im cruel as im not eating at the table with my children. I have been having a shake in bowl with a spoon at tea, silly i know but so my kids not resent me
Me nad hubby have a night every week were we will have a drink and a meal either at the local or at home and he says he feels like im punishing him, but its something we have to work though - good luck hunx


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i think most people that resent others from not eating, stems from them not fully understanding the diet, when to them the most normal thing in life is to eat, sometimes there can be a bit of envy, and sometimes its just because they care, but im sure they will all come round when the results of the diet shows its self,best of luck to you all:)


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Always remember that you are doing this for you and no one else. You're the one who has to live in an unhealthy, unhappy overweight body. Your feelings are your number one priority.

I heard of so many people failing because they were influenced by other people. Do not let this happen to you. Food and drink will still be there when your at a healthy weight. Your partner/friends/family will enjoy your company so much more when you're happy inside and out.

Talk to your partner. Explain to him why you're doing this. Tell him it's not going to be forever. He loves you, so he'll understand and want you to be happy.

Some partners/friends/family get a little insecure and selfish when they see someone they love trying to change their lives for the better. They need some straight talking to know how you feel inside. Do not let anyone sabotage your dreams. You deserve to be the person you've always wanted to be.
My OH never used to understand it (back when I did it the first time round) and I sometimes felt I was putting him out as we couldnt do all those things like having dinner together etc.

But as soon as he saw how important it was to me ans how determined I was he began to understand and eventually was proud of me and after a while it was just a given that I wasnt going to eat - he did think I had gone mad though when I started sniffing all his food and trying to inhale the scent of a muffin!!!

I would have a word with him and just ask him out right - tell him it's not forever it is only short term untill you are at goal and will be bale to enjoy it in a sensible manner.

It will all still be there in a few months time once you have hit your target - restaurants wine etc will all still exist so it is only a temp measure.

Failing that just give him a good kicking and tell him to stop sulking and grow a pair lol



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Thanks madmum. I know it'll be worth it in the end. Last night we were watching tv and he was having steak chips peas tomato........ drool!! I had to wrap my nose up because it smelt sooooo good!!


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thanks Matt

its like they get scared everything is going to change but not necessarily for the better. I am sure it will though!


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Thanks Betsy. When I'm feeling low I'll always remember that. This forum is invaluable for that extra support.!


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LOL Nathalie. you are so right. I keep saying its just for a short time for such long time benefits. I so want to have the perfect wedding day and I know that I just dont want to be "comfortable" I want to wear the dress I want and not just anything that fits!

I cant wait to walk into any shop and think "That's nice I'll get that" instead of always having to go to those shops that stock the extra sizes.


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Lol Taylor. I'm only on day 5 and cant imagine being able to cook a curry for the want of eating it. I know it will get better, yesterday I did the grocery shop and that was VERY hard because I was STARVING!! It was only when I got back that I realised the majority of the stuff I got was cleaning products!!! Ha something in that probably!!
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My husband keeps saying things like 'its not as if I can take you out' and 'Im so fed up of eating on my own'. It is not as bad as it could be due to the fact he works away 5 days of the week but it can still be pretty hard.
We are going away for the weekend next weekend and he actually said it wasn't worth going if Im not eating, therefore I am having 3 evening meals (being as good as I can). I know I shouldnt break for him but its so much easier than falling out all the time over it, and if it was the diet or my husband I would pick the latter everytime x
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hi just got to say my OH is very supportive even to the point hes thinking about joing LT but is very conerned about the 1st weeks side effects with him being a lorry driver however you must remember this is for u & u only and realistically speaking its for a short time why not go to the pics or out to the pub I have never stopped socialising while doing lt all the best xx


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We've had a little chat and he is already really proud of me. He was just really worried I'd go down to 7 stone or something!! He said "You're not going to do a Hannah Waterman on me are you?" Bless.

I think as he knows my feelings on it he understands a bit more now. He's just concerned as it doesnt seem normal not eating! I also told him that as its winter its better to do it now than in the summer when we would be more social! We're just hibernating now!!


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Thanks for your posting emmievic. I've chatted to a good friend of mine about this. She is on Slimfast right now and is doing well. But she has mentioned that a little down the way we'd have to go out for a drink. I know that I can't drink at all without eating so might look at having a meal to indulge in a glass of wine or two (will check out what alchol has least calories later!) HOWEVER, now that I am actually on day four I might still decide NOT to deliberately come out of ketosis in a months time and just crack on - we'll see.

Is there any advice on here about how to do this safely. I was too scared to put up a post asking because I feel that many responses will be 'don't do it' blah blah blah.... and I will feel unecessarily judged badly. (If that makes sense)
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well u can go out and u can have a tea while he has dinner if it helps.
to be honest there are a lot of people out there who are resentful that we are trying to control our weight, while they are not or do not have the determination to do so.
im working in a hospital with a lotta colleagues who keep trying to ask me out for dinner and the likes. they are very discouraging and even though they are good friends sometimes i feel as though they do not want me to lose weight and remain the similar weight as they are.
well...**** them! haha
we'll end up looking better than they will anyway :p

xx Cathy xx

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Someone's said this before but people/friends who dis the diet are the ones who are happy knowing you're the "fat friend" and make them look good so feel unhappy knowing you're changing and could/will potentially look better than them.

As for OH/Husbands/Wives etc sit down and talk to them about how you feel now being overweight. I was struggling a few weeks ago (not tempted to eat anything just really fed up) and husband said why do it then so then tears and all self hating feelings I have about myself came flooding out especially how ashamed I was at letting myself get into this state after I did so well 2 years ago. Now feeling alot better about it and am in for the duration. So if talking doesn't work ladies cry! lol

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