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do the bars effect your loss???

Hi everyone,
I had my week 3 wi today and only lost 2 1/4lbs. I did drink a little less than previous weeks this week, and I also had 4 bars this week, so am wondering if that slowed my loss down :confused:
I really hope not as I like having bars and they are so easy for lunch when I am out so I really hope that it was just a slow week or something.
Any ideas or suggestions would be great, and whether you have found that you loose more when not on bars.
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I'm sure next week will be a better result , but if you have 1 bar a day after two weeks on CD its ok , just see how it goes
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I know it's LL, so a bit different but I've found bars haven't affected my losses. Thank goodness.

But everyone is different.

Its quite common to have a plateau week in week three. This is where the body stores water for a few days,however continues to lose fat.

You also say you have drank a little less this week, with the bars you should drink an extra half pint so minimum amount per day is 4.5 pints if you are having bars. This could also slow weightloss down slightly.

Increase your water and see what happens next weigh in.
I was feeling much better until I read the last post!!! They don't take me out of ketosis though, so hopefully it is just a week 3 plateau. I try and have 4 litres of water a day, was probably having nearer 3 litres for most of the week. I am going to have more water, using the flavouring to help!
Thanks guys, hopefully next week will be better!
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Sorry bingbong!:eek: That just my experiance of the bars, but like you've seen here most people can have them and it doesn't change their losses at all.

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well I'm a guinea pig from Tuesday as we're away for 3 days I have 3 bars and tetra bricks to tide me over. :) will soon know..

Really hope they don't affect you and you get a good weigh in next week. :) Up your water in case it's that though ;)


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My weightloss also stalls with the bars. Infact I can't even look at one without stopping losing weight!
Just see how you are next week & if still the same, then just have them a couple of times a week.
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The bars don't make any difference to me, I have about 4 - 5 bars a week, have done since week 3 and also have water flavouring every day (1 teaspoon in 2 litres) and neither has knocked me out of ketosis and have had really good losses. This week I am on AAMW and I am wondering what sort of weight loss I will get. Everyone is different but I really look forward to having a cup of tea and a bar in the evening when the kids are in bed. Good luck.
Hi just read your post, thanks was so fed up yesterday had my 3rd weigh in and stayed the same! Was so dissapointed as lost 10 the 1st week and 8 the 2nd, and I was wondering why! done nothing different apart from have a bar a day. Just disheartened, but feel if I am sticking to it 100% it has to come off, hopefully! Does this sound normal to you? Thanks
The bars seem to stall my losses as well, I think they also set me off picking at food, don't know if thats the chocolate on them, or the actual chewing, I cut down to just 2 a week, but still seems to affect me, so this next week I'm going to cut them out altogether as see if that makes a difference.
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My problem was when in week 3 I started the bars I ended up so constipated that I had to come of the diet for a couple of days!! I guess they affect us all differently - but I've avoided them since! Sorry not to be more optimistic!

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