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Do the bars make you more hungry?

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I was just wondering if any1 has found the bars have made them feel more hungry than just having the shakes? I am now on week 18 of ss. I only started having the bars 3 weeks ago because I started to feel a bit bored with just liquids. At 1st I found that the bars kept me fuller for longer so I went from 4 a week to 1 each day, but this week I have found that I am hungry almost all of the time! Its not nearing my totm nor have I changed my water intake. Do u think the bars could be making my tummy want food? What do u reckon?? :confused:
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hi upsy, can't really say i'd know as i've only had 3 bars in 7 wks but i definitely felt an adverse reaction to them, the 1st time I felt hungrier and the 2nd time i had horrendous pain in the stomach, so i am avoiding altogether!!



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I started on LT for 12 weeks then started on CD and doing exercise.I've found the bars really useful as they can be nibbled rather than taken in one sitting but for me I just think its the chewing thats sending my head out and I'm wanting to eat more and more whereas I was satisfied on the shakes !!
For me they certainly make me more conscious of food but they taste good and are convenient !!! The CDC suggested drinking at least 500mls more water if you have them.
Good luck
i struggle to finish the bars. they are huge and really rich and i find them more filling that the shakes. i am only on week 3 though.

i do find they make me slightly constipated and am gonna cut back to about 3 a week.


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I tried the bars last year when I did CDC. I only got 3, but they were so delicious that I ate all 3 in one day. Therefore, I decided that although the bars are fab - they are not for me.

The only way I can stick to CDC is to avoid food all together - don't know how I'm gonna cope with AAMW!!! :confused:

During the week I had bars my weightloss wasn't as good. My CDC told me that some people have a lower tolerance to carbs and as the bars are slightly higher in carbs than the shakes - for some people it can kick them out of ketosis...therefore, not such a high weightloss and also feeling hungry as no longer in ketosis....don't know if you've peed on a stick lately! =oP

Hope that helps...



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lol @ val u naughty girl ... ive eaten 2 the odd day wen i did cd b4 defo not suppose 2 though:eek: i love the bars 2 be honest im hungry off and on im defo in ketosis but still get hungry bars or no bars .. its different 4 every1 i think xx
S: 17st13lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 5st12lb(32.67%)
Thanks every1. I think it is different 4 every1 but 2day I gave my bar a miss and just had 3 shakes and i did feel less hungry, (although not fully rumble free!). I've been in ketosis when on and off the bars but I think I will have a week on just shakes and see how I go.
Thanks again x x x x x x x x x x x x
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don't think I could manage without the bars! Some days I would only have 2 packs if it wasn't for the bars! Here's hoping they don't slow down my losses


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i had my first bar today and got almighty stomach ache,and emitted loud noises from below lol...... but it passed but it was not pleasant.

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