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Do u know any kittens for sell?



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If you would consider a rescue kitten then there are PLENTY out there without homes, check out your local rescue centre :D


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I've been checking out the advertising boards at my local Pets at Home store for many weeks now. No kittens for sale at all, until Friday when there was three adverts, each wanting homes of pairs of kittens.

The one which attracted me listed two males, grey striped, must be rehomed together. It was just exactly what I was looking for. I phoned the number there and then and arranged to see them.

Well, I was smitten at first sight. Two silver grey tabby faces peered at me through the bars on the landing. The kittens were actually 8 months old so nearly adult sized, but oh they were fabulous.

I took them home with me and at this moment they are chasing each other up and down the stairs!

They have never been outside, having been brought up in a flat, so they had not been vaccinated, neutered or chipped. I have made arrangements for all three things to happen over the next few weeks, after which they can go out by themselves and explore my exciting and wonderful garden and the adjacent woodland.

In the meantime, yesterday I took them outside briefly with their new harnesses and leads. It was an overwhelming experience for them - so many senses were assaulted by new sounds, smells, textures, and sights. I will take them out for a short time each day until they can go out by themselves (after all innoculations and neutering).

Once home, I quickly taught them where their litter trays would stay, and also showed them how to use the internal cat flap. They caught on quickly. At the moment I am trying to find out what treats they love, it is not smoked salmon, nor ham, and not Milky Flake-ums. I will open a tin of tuna later, try cheese, and chicken.

I cannot believe that I have been lucky enough to find such fabulous pets. After my beloved Tab (see Avator) died a year last October, I couldn't consider replacing him, ever. I think he would be happy with my choice!

I also contact my local cat rescue service but kittens are generally less available due to good neutering/speying services carried out by cat rescue groups. They do however have loads of older cats which need a good home. I am glad that I got these two older kittens, they are just as easy and quick to train, and still lots of fun. I would definitely recommend getting a pair, preferably friends, because they play with each other as well as with you.

Good luck everyone on your own search.

AJ - a very happy lady, owned by two cats!


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"Are they boys, girls or both?"

Boys, Dancing.

They are fab! Nine week old kittens - life for them must be one long play-session. Mine are occasionally crazy, diving around the house, chasing each other, play-fighting and also 'humping' each other. Hmmm.

Last night we shut them in the conservatory and closed off the cat flap to prevent them coming into the house proper. They jumped up and pulled the handle down and let themselves in! We now have to wedge the kitchen chair under the handle to stop them. If we allow them full run of the house (we have an open plan downstairs) they make too much noise playing, particularly at 4 in the morning.

Boys are definitely more affectionate than girls (I've had both). Mine follow me around the house, even to the loo. Jumper likes water and stood on his hind legs watching me have a bath last night.

I have just returned from Pets at Home with a selection of treats. Jumper is a fussy eater, but I found that he does like Whiskers Temptations. Oscar likes all the treats I bought.

Gosh I do sound like a boring 'new mum', gushing on and on about my 'wonderful' sons!:D

I'm just off to put on their harnesses and take them round the garden. Oscar is happy to stand still while I put his on, Jumper jumps around a bit. Neither turn round and bite me or growl, so they must be happy to wear them. It's just until I can let them out on their own.

It was funny this morning. We were outside in the garden and Oscar wanted back inside, but Jumper wanted to do more exploring so I let Oscar back in and shut the door. Suddenly, Jumper decided he didn't want to be outside on his own and sat ouside the glass door while Oscar sat inside. They stared at each other and paced, trying to find a way to get to each other. It was sweet. I let Jumper in and they touched noses. Aaahhh.

Well, that's enough wittering on about cats. Tell me more about your lovely little ones, Dancing. Where did you get them, how did you pick them, did you pay for them, when do they get their vaccinations? Etc.

How's Keto now?? I had 2kittens who ended up with cat flu ... vet said they wouldn't survive, but regular 4hourly antibiotics, eye drops etc ... they are fine. One of them still sneezes and every now and then has eye infections - 12yrs on ... but otherwise no problems.



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Aw Beverley,

The pictures of your two cats are lovely. Are they boys too?

Dancing - So sorry to hear about Keto. My two went to see vet for their first innoculation yesterday. They were cool with it, thankfully. They did spend the rest of the day quietly sleeping, but perked up after 10 at night.

How did you manage to get Keto to take his medicine?

"....when I gave him his half tablet .... I realised I'd given it to Didge instead!! They are so blooming alike!"

I can tell mine by their collar colours! Also, Oscar's stripes are denser than Jumper's, and Oscar's nose has a bit more white on it than Jumper's. Apart from that, they look exactly the same.

I hope Keto continues to recover, let us know. I will post pictures when I can find the camera disc to load onto the laptop!



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Here they are!

I've just learned how to move photos from my phone to the laptop.

The avatar shows Oscar (left) and Jumper (right) trying on my trainees and some tap shoes!

This is my first post here, as I only joined yesterday. I just wanted to say I hope Keto gets better soon - it's heartbreaking looking after a sick cat (one of my cats was very ill recently but thankfully recovered after lots of TLC).
It's good to see Im not the only person who gushes about my cats - Ive had them (or 'my boys' as I sadly call them) for years and they still entertain me constantly.


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Oh, what a little love, Flirty,

I kind of feel sad that I never saw 'my boys' as kittens. Having said that, I wouldn't swap them for the world.

Are your boys and girls from the same litter or have you had to introduce them to each other. Do you find the boys are more affectionate than the female?

My 2 boys are brothers and very affectionate .... especially big Craig - who thinks he's a dog! Carla is a "madam" in every sense of the word ... and is only affectionate if she wants to be - otherwise she's a right moo! My term of endearment for her is "Cowbags"!!!! She absolutely adores our hamster Babs .... who is her playmate!!!



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They are hard to spot, aren't they, Dancing.

How is Keto doing? Is he recoving ok?

Your kittens are probably too young to wear collars just yet. Mine are just about fully grown so it's easier to get a good fit.

They had their first immunisations yesterday morning and were somewhat subdued for the rest of the day, sleeping until late at night. Thankfully, today they have rediscovered their mischievious side and have been galloping around the house like mad. I love to watch them.



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"............help. can't move and need the toilet!!! Keto is sitting half on the back of the sofa and half on my shoulder purring loudly in my ear. Didge is sitting on my ample boobs (!) and cleaning himself ready for a nap... Don't want to move but am going to have to soon........"

Hehehe:D. My daughter was in this position earlier. Both cats were sound asleep on her tummy, she was lying down on the couch having been ill all day. They looked soooo comfortable and sweet.

"....thank goodness I had my laptop to hand....."

My two love my laptop. It is so warm to sleep on, particularly when I am trying to type. I have persuaded them to lie behind it, where the fan is. Oscar was lying with his face near the fan earlier today, sound asleep.

That's enough gushing for today!



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I believe you're not able to go to the Glasgow meet in a couple of weeks, after all. What a pity. I was looking forward to meeting you. I could have bored you for hours with piccies of my 'boys':D.



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Aahh, Dancing, he is gorgeous!

I haven't been well during the night so spent the night on the couch, so as not to disturb hubby, who has to leave for Aberdeen before 7 in the morning.

However, I got very little sleep at all because the cats 'played' a lot. They like to sit on the window sill, but the blinds were down. This did not stop them however and they squeezed through the slats very noisily. Then they had a tussle on the rug and ran around, bounding and shouting. After that (in case I'd managed to sleep through that noise) they jumped on me purring loudly, and wondered why I told them to 'bog off'. They ignored me and settled down. I felt obliged to keep still so as not to disturb them!

Every time I moved a bit, they starting the loud, stereo purring and kneading again.

I will think very carefully before sleeping on the couch again...



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"...I have just given mine a prawn each .... they don't seem to realise they can eat it but boy is it a great toy ... "

Mine are not impressd with prawns, or donar meat come to that:D. They don't like ham either (Tab used to go wild for ham). Yes, they are fussy eaters and prefer Tesco own brand cat food to the premium brands.

They had their second lot of jags today and will go on to be neutered and chipped in a couple of weeks. Then...FREEDOM to explore the garden and surrounds without having to wear a harness. Freedom to mark their territory and chase off all the cats they've had to sit and watch for the past four weeks.


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"....I really like your idea re. introducing them to the garden on a harness.... is it especially for kittens?...."

Well, mine were already virtually adult sized (8 months) when I got them but actually the harnesses I got (from Pets at Home) are easily adjustable and were about a fiver each.

My advice would be, once you've got the harness on, is to place the kitten just outside the door (maybe get a chair to sit on) and wait while the kitten gets used to the new environment. Even now, my two stand still and sniff like mad for a while before slowly, carefully creeping forward. They get alarmed by loud noises (cars for example).

Their ears, eyes and noses are all over the place - it can be like sensory overload. I would suggest you just leave them outside for a few minutes at first, and gradually lengthen the time they are outside. If the kitten is frightened and wants to go inside, let him. Once they get more confident, let them lead you were they want to go.

Don't forget that there are the scents of other cats in the garden which can cause anxiety to a young cat (particularly male).

As an aside, I've just been watching my two having a tussle. Jumper is in a lively mood, Oscar is not, so Jumper is jumping on him to play. Oscar is well naffed off.

The other night, Oscar was sitting quietly and Jumper got on top of him and 'humped' him, biting his neck. This went on for quite a while and Oscar ignored him completely. Eventually though, Oscar turned round and bit him and they had a tussle. Sometimes Oscar does the humping...

It is a laugh a minute here:D. Much better than the telly...

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