Do you all know how really amazing you are!


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Hello Lipotrimmers

Along your LT journey it is inevitable that you will attract attention, compliments and curiosity. "How have you lost so much weight? etc". Most people want to lose weight now don't they? The thing is when I tell them about the culinary delights of Lipotrim I get a virtual instant reaction in the form of negativity.

I know many who just will not consider this diet, because the thoughts of having to go without food is so unappealing.

Even though they can't lose their unwanted flesh conventionally, for whatever reason - LT seems to be something very undesirable.

For me it was simple. I couldn't lose weight - well half a pound a week if I trained like an athlete every day. I was very fit, strong, lots of stamina, but demoralised by slow weight loss.

So the choice was this liquid diet and slimdom in a matter of a few months. Or the previous paragraph.
No contest.

I would really like to hear why other people have chosen LT. Did you find it difficult to lose weight with calorie counting and other diets?

Wherever you are on your journey, early days, weeks into it, veteran, finding it easy, finding it hard, you're doing yourself a great kindness. Continue to be amazing; you can all do it.

With good luck to all
Marylyn xxx
Hi Marylyn,

You are like a new person and I can see how Lipotrim has given you back your confindence and that is wonderful to see.

I think lots of diets work well if you have a stone or so to lose but it is a different kettle of fish when you have a lot of weight to lose, it is a different ball game and I know for me at the rate I was losing weight following my points and not cheating it would of taken about four years or more.

Even doing vlcd is still for me not a fast option compared to most, but I am more than happy with my results so far and SSing really does suit me.

You don't have to far to go now???

Love Mini xxx
A wee break to Cyprus LT'g of course and back on the road

Hi Mini

I think I've found my "voice" now for msg'g. It's encouraging when you hear from other people too and you feel that they are genuine stories.

I think I have around 2 more stone to lose and hopefully with the maintenance plan which starts after bank hol. and my fortnight in Cyprus damage limitation WILL be managed.

You know, the thing is I'm totally "conditioned" by this diet. I'm petrified and live in mortal terror of putting on a pound.

This is a positive thing for me because on other diets I could become complacent. Like "Ah sure a bit of cake won't hurt", or "a nibble of chocolate will be O.K."

Well the discipline needed for SS'g certainly makes you realise what your body accepts as o.k.

When I think that I'm consuming 420 calories a day and exercising too, my reluctant fat stores might give up 1 - 2lbs a fat a week on a good week. If I was WW'ing or SWorld'g as I was in the past I would have no chance. I never did. My purse was the only thing getting lighter by 4 or 5 pounds a week.

Lovely to hear from you Mini and I'll talk to Anne-Marie l8r. It's 8 o'clock and I'm doing a 2.5 mile walk to work this morning.

Keep being good!

Marylyn with love xxx
Hi Marylyn,

Wow! Is this the same girl I am talking too???

You are brimming over with new life and energy and most of all hope.

I did tell you this diet works and now you see for yourself and like me you have found renewed energy and feel it is now possible to get to goal.

Good for you for walking as that is major in getting the belly fat to shift...need to get some in myself.

We are heading down to Galway this evening so I will make sure to go for my walk every morning with my dog, hopefully husband will come too and Pierce...a family who walks together...stays slim together!!!

Did you buy anything nice for the hols?

Love Mini xxx
Hello Mini

The three months have flown by since I started LT. In one way I'm looking forward to the re-feeding, it's temporary for Sept, but I would feel most comfy with LT for B/fast and lunch and I would really appreciate an evening meal and keep stable I hope. In the second instance it's a "crying shame" to have to stop sole-sourcing, because it's so effective at burning off the fat and I'm a bit impatient to get to goal.

I did buy some lovely summer tops; leaving the BIKINI until next week. I have white pedal pushers, they're more for posing in than pedalling anywhere.

I think I told you I work in a place where we have loads of mirrors. Well this colleague of mine told me to stop posing the other day and I said "We're supposed to face ourselves every day in the mirror" and quoted one of the gals on here who was quoting that hypnotist. Mind you, I did have my clothes on. Paul McKenna advises doing it in your Birthday suit apparently.

I saw "Chicken's" photos and she looks fabulous. To lose all that weight and be so toned, she's very lucky.

I must tell her how well she looks.

Give Galway Bay my love.

Marylyn xxx
Hello Marilyn

Second Weigh In - total weight lose now 17.5lbs!!:)
Been reading your latest posts you sound so happy, excellent. I have had my daughter and her family here over the weekend so don't 'do' the computor then. Our 7 years old grandson is hear now until friday . Blood pressure has plummeted at todays weigh in so the nurse has got me an appointment with a dr.this pm. I was interested to read some of the posts about the low blood pressure. I feel fine though, just light headed (like you !) and unfortunately still missing the eating bit.
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Speak to you soon.