Do you believe in the "golden shot" theory?

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by Lynn8124, 2 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    They say (dont ask me who;)) that you only have one golden shot (or chance) for success on atkins/LC. Each subsequent attempt is harder than the last and wl can be slower. Anyone find this to be the case?
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  3. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Good idea Laura.:) In my case, although this was on LL, CD et al, I found that the very first time was my golden shot, it so much easier that I ever imagined and I was never able to get back onto the TFR wagon. I thought maybe it was because I didn't leave long enough time between attempts. I was thinking maybe it was psychological, like my brain saying oh no you're not putting me through all that again or something.:confused:

    Ah I dunno I'm just thinking out loud I suppose, well typing lol.
  4. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I have heard that, like Laura I'm not about to find out.
  5. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    I think its true!!
    I have always lost weight on a diet the 1st time round!!

    atkins - 3 stone in 2001
    WW - 1.5 stone in 2006
    xenical (low fat) - 0.5 stone in 2009

    Back on atkins - zilch so far but thats my own doing!
    When i first went on atkins all i ate was chicken, kebabs and cheese.
    plus a salad every day. Fried eggs for brekki and snack was string cheese. I just cant eat fried eggs soo much any more i eat boiled eggs now and ive been trying to eat more veg to stay true to the atkins way! I cowboy'd it last time and it worked!!

    Plus due to WW and other diets i have already lost my "water weight" so tackling the hard fat now!!! i just keep telling myself its ok coz i have "less" to lose! lolz less my A$$! 2.5 stone ATLEAST!
  6. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    Yes I think it's true. Not entirely sure why but the weight just doesn't seem to fall off as fast on subsequent attempts at Atkins. Likewise CD, LL, LT... and perhaps all of the other VLCDs.

    Might be the carbohydrate restriction thing, cos all of these diets have this in common. Might even be a scientific basis for this theory! But it is certainly believed by some Atkins 'oldtimers' - those with tons of experience of the diet (sorry, way of eating! lol).

    Easy to say we don't wanna find out but most of us are gonna do just that...
  7. Jane-D

    Jane-D Full Member

    I did Atkins about 8 years ago, but have been far more successful this time be fair I only followed it for a couple of months the first time and didn't have much to lose......x
  8. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    From the number of people I see, including some friends of mine, maintaining is harder than losing for many.

    I think it's an attitude problem, people feel that once they've lost the weight they can go back to their old ways of eating, but, hey, isn't that how we got fat in the first place?
  9. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    I've lost more than nine stones now and kept them off for nine years. When I hit the 10.7 mark (hopefully soon!) I will have lost a total of ten stones.

    I know regain is not inevitable! But statistics show that it happens to most dieters, which is sad. One regain-plus-more figure rate quoted is 95%. Even 50% would be depressing.

    I think ketosis is the main reason low carb dieters do better over time than many others, but only so long as they continue to restrict carbs. The dream of being able to lose on Atkins then go back to a diet crammed with yummy carb-laden goodies is just that - a dream lol.
  10. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

    I lost over 6 stone a couple of years ago and like Jim says, I went back to my old habits and wondered how some of the weight came back on!!!
    But second time round and I am almost 2 stone down again on LL.
    I think it is all in the mind, I am there mentally at the moment and it's as easy as it was the first time round.
    Saying that, this time, I am kind of hoping that I don't have to revisit the packs!!! (I'm on Lighterlife)
  11. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    The 'going back to old habits' is the issue here! I've done that a few times over the years and ended up heavier, sadder and wiser.

    I hope this won't ever happen to me again and I intend to stick with low carbing and to very gradually increase the carbs I eat per day and per week to find a good level for maintenance when the time comes.

    Not long to go now, I hope! If we keep our heads and watch our carb intake we really can maintain.
  12. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

    HI girlygirl1,
    Yeah, you're right, I think that for those of us who find the "old habits" an issue that we need to change our attitude and that's not easy.
    I too plan, once I lose a bit more, to go down the route of low carb as I realise that I actually feel better when I am not eating them.
    Here's hoping this time round........
  13. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi scot, good thinking mate. :)
  14. Cherryade

    Cherryade Full Member

    I hope not as I will be embarking again soon, I guess its about motivation, if you fell off the wagon its hard to get back on and deal with how you feel emotionally. But I didnt fall off I had to get off!

    For me I cant wait to get started again and get some control back x
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