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Do you drink bottled or tap water?


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I drink bottled water, i just can't stomach tap water im afraid


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Its my one "indulgence" - I drink bottled water all the time, usually sparkling , the value stuff from Sainsbury or Tesco is fine for me. If its tap water i usually put some LL water flavours in and have it hot from the kettle.


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I took advantage of special offers at Tesco recently, buying a lot of water bottles! "2 for 1" and "buy one and get one free" offers! That was a week before I started LL, I was so happy!!! A lot of bottles in the kitchen!!!

I drink mostly bottled water both at home and at work. Thank goodness for the water cooler at work, saves me ££!! I do drink form the tap occasionally but it will have to be filtered. I use Brita water filter jug.


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I think I'll be stopping off at the Supermarket tonight and loading the trolley with water!

Thanks for your replies. :D


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I am clearly a chav - I just fill up my two litre bottles from the tap!


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Also I drunk mineral water for the first few weeks on SS and found I started to taste the minerals all the time and it was horrible so I bought a Brita water thingie and used tap water and not only saved a fortune but preferred the taste.



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Oh, I might try on of those Brita water filters then and save some money long term!

I'm actually through my first 2 litre bottle and its getting better! :)


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What's wrong with water from the tap? Bottled is no better for you and the environmental impact is appalling :(

I would drink from the tap but I'm put off by limescale. I live in hard water area. My husband came from soft water area and I used their tap water for my drinks.


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I have a fridge with a water dispenser and the water goes through a filter. The water is lovely. If I'm out I buy bottled water but tap water that's filtered is good for at home and not only cheaper but you don't have to lug it home fromn the supermarket either. It's delivered to your door.

I would definitely recommend it to be filtered though it tastes much better.

Dizzy x