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Do you drink diet pop? Read this!!


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Check out this article on snopes, this "urban legend" has been around for years
Interesting...but that won't stop me drinking it unfortumately (come on, it's 0pts! Lol!!).


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what am I going to drink with my vodka now then???

seriously though...even a can of coke gives me a banging headache!



Im just me!
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i no there has been things going on like this for ages,wont stop me as its 0 points!!
To be honest, there are soooo many things that are bad for us - if we avoided them all we'd lead such boring lives. Smoking, drinking, eating fatty food, drinking diet drinks....I love all of the above, so I'm screwed, lol!
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I drink tonnes of the stuff and have never had a problem. Plus my Mother suffers from Fibromylagia (it's mentioned in the article) and cut out Diet Coke for 6 months when she went on a liquid diet and her illness did not disapear. God if only it were that simple! I'd never allow her drink the stuff again! But me thinks i'll still be having my regular can with my tea tonight!
My friends boyfriend is constantly nagging me for only drinking diet pepsi. I love the stuff so don't think I will stop when you save over 100 calories from the original stuff
I agree my friend and fella have a go everytime i pop open a can -
but what else can you drink which is nice and not boring!

and it goes great with my malibu!

so it will not stop me!


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Totally agree with Maria D, if we heeded every warning about what was bad for us we would barely breathe let alone eat and drink!

It is possible that something in the Diet pop that person was drinking aggravated a condition she may already have had so cutting it out would obviously reduce the symptoms. As for the Aspartame causing these symptoms, I'm not so sure that it's anything more than scare mongering. In Britain the government are quite hyperactive when it comes to good food/bad food and if any of this had scientific or medical standing then we would have heard something more than an anonymous story from the States.

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