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Do you exercise and does it boost your weight loss?


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As the title says really.
I was doing a ffitness dvd for a couple of hours each day, but ive not done it for about 2 weeks...
Im going away for the weekend on the 17th april, so wondered if i re-started my dvd, do you think I could boost my weight loss for then?
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I do exercise but just walking. Maybe 1/2 hour brisk walking a day pushing my 11 month old lol! I have lost lots so maybe it helps, who knows? Which fitness DVD do you do? I was thinking of getting one xx


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Every little bit helps, exercise certainly tones you up! I've been walking nearly every day as past few weeks and also been doing some fitness DVDs, I try to alternate them so I don't get bored and give up! xx


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I do every week:

5 hours MA training
3-4.5 hours gym
1.5-2.5 hours swimming

Depending on what exercise you are doing and how much of it you do you may notice a small gain or STS when you start but ultimately it will help. Exercise speeds up your metabolism therefore making your body a more efficient fat burning machine.

Exercise is good
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I have really upped the excercise in the last couple of weeks and it has definately helped with weightloss.

I am doing 2 sessions of aqua aerobics a week, 2 other swimming sessions and 2 woodland walks of around 2 miles.

I have managed to get excercise on prescription from my gp and so will be starting at a gym after Easter and I have never been in a gym in my life.I feel much fitter and I am also making new friends which is an added bonus!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
The more you do the fitter you become. 3 years ago I couldn't walk. I had an operation on my knee in December 2006 then in March 2007 I started Karate and the rest is history! I would have laughed at anyone who would have even suggested that I would be doing the amount of exercise I do now!


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I'm currently doing about 20 minutes everyday on the Wii Fit, however I've vowed that once I'm down to 15 stone, I'll start swimming again! :) It's more of a ... goal in my head rather than a feeling of being self concious holding me back tbh.


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It can never be bad for you! I do dance workouts and I walk an average of 3 - 4 miles daily. I've done this from the beginning so I can't say if it's helped or not :)


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I haven't lost any more weight since I started exercising (I am at target) but my body shape is changing and I'm getting more toned, my clothes are looser. I sleep better and generally feel better.
That's good enough for me!!

Even if it doesn't speed up your weight loss, it's all part of a healthy lifestyle and that can't be bad for you!


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I think exercise initially slows down the actual lb losses but you'll see bigger improvements in inch loss. Because as you exercise you'll tone up and develop muscles and of course muscle weighs more than fat.

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