Do you find it hard?

Hi everyone,

I flew through my first week but my second week has been SO tough. I have two questions.....

1) Will it get easier?

I have been DESPERATE for food this week - I am not sure if its because I miss food or a combination of having had a really stressful week etc........

2) I still have 1.5 - 2 stones to lose. Is this possible to achieve during Oct and Nov? (I have lost my first stone in two weeks)

Thanks :))))
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The first week your full of resolve so its easier in some respects, but by week two your settling into more of a routine, it really does get easier, the psychological hungar tends to wane, at least it did for me, keep strong, you have done the worst bit, :)


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Youve done the hard starting bit, and thats the worst, now its fighting the inner bit in your head, that wll get better too, and then you'll be sailing x


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Hi Slimlouise, did you say you lost 1stone in 2 weeks? That is amazing, what was you start weight? I am starting SS today and have 2 and a half stone to lose, I would love to lose 1stone in two weeks. That is such a huge motivator. Don't give up, be positive and remember you have made incredible progress..............:)


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I must admit I found the second week much easier, im now startin my 3rd week. I have lost a stone so far and have a holiday booked abroad on 24th Nov and hope I can get another 1 1/2 to 2 stone off too by then, I thought it might be hoping for too much but looks like we can do this!!!
oh everyone - thanks for all your replies, they really do help don't they?!

Dyingtobeslim - I started at 12 stones and I am now down to 10:12. I have my third weigh in next Friday. Can't actually believe that I have lost so much weight.

My target is to go from 12 stones to 9 stones.
So, 1 stone 12 to go.

Good luck everyone and thanks for the motivation. We can all do it!! :) xxx