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Do you get support from your OH ??

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.. Eurgh. my other half can be supportive emotionally.... but as he showed last night, can sit and eat a take-away curry infront of me without concidering how difficult it'd be for me.. but because he'd picked up my xtra lean mince on the way.. it was 'ok' .. dont think so!

and occasionally he'l quite literally stand in the middle of tescos and tell me to stop fussing and 'eat somthing proper' - meaning fatty and convieniant ... or he'l make a comment in front of somsone that could make me seem like one of those extreem dieters! :( - like asking for somthing to be grilled is a problem.. or like one time i made a quite joke about how i was gunan gain weight tomorrow because i was having miss millies for tea when we were in the line.. and he had a massive go because i might have offended someone.. or seemed like i might be dieting ebcause i think i'm 'fat' - i was like hello.. if i really cared would i have been in miss millies in the first place??!!

oo needed to get that off my chest, im a bit frustrated, sis is eating a big mac infront of me as we speak... grr!

rant over :) x


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I have to say my OH is fantastic. He knew I was gonna stick to it from day one as he could see how excited I was, he has gone without all the things he loves as he knows it would be difficult for me. He doesnt constantly suggest a takeout if I utter the words "I cant be bothered cooking". He will eat all the food that I cook without a complaint because he knows that it is healthy for both of us and he will always come out for walks with me when I want to go out. Dont think I could ask for much more really :) Im very lucky!!!
Oh, and he buys me my new clothes when I go down sizes too!! :)


Slow but sure....
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Oh yes, my husband is really supportive and is keeping me focused all the way, he is losing weight too (slowly) so he is happy to keep me motivated, if he fancies a treat that is bad for me he will have it while he is at work, bless him..... he really is a diamond.


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My OH is, which I'm really pleased about.
When I said I was going to join the class (that night) he said he was coming with me to join, and he did. He said I'd have a better chance of doing it if he was doing it too.
The only downside is he's lost 1.5 stone, and I've only lost nearly 1. Why do men get it so easy!


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mine has his moments,sumtimes he good and picks me up things i can hav but it really annoys me wen he doesnt ask me how i got on at weigh in and if we go shopping together which is most times i pik up my treats like wispas which i halve and he says ... ur not allowed them !!!! and i always shout at him then !!! xx but he always washes up !!!!!!!!
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love this thread. my oh tries his best!!! not always that good though but can't blame him as even i've lost track of the number of times i have told himi'm going to be good and lose weight again. He does eat what ever he wants but does make it himself. He has asked if I want him to go into another room but I've told him if my sw is going to be a choice for healthy eating for the rest of my life then I have to get used to people around me choosing unhealthy options. As for asking about weigh ins I have got extremely good at major hints!!! However he is a pain with putting temptation in my way when trying to cheer me up with chocolate or buy me crisps because I've been really good with my diet!!!!!
He doesn't know it yet but he is going to buy me a nice bracelet tomorrow and a charm for it everytime I get a half stone sticker.


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Mine goes from one extreme to the other, sometimes he goes out of his way to make a SW friendly meal and other times he's just really awkward and insists that we have something specific for dinner and makes me feel like im ungrateful for not wanting to go above my syns. I feel like im constantly trying to save syns just incase he springs on me that he's got plans for dinner!

He has stopped being so supportive when it comes to buying new clothes and underwear, now i can wear things like denim mini skirts and short dresses, and buy pretty bra's that are not like hammocks, he automatically thinks im trying to impress someone else Lol He doesn't realise its because for the 1st time ever I feel normal, like I can wear what I want without being overly paranoid about people looking at me because im too fat to wear it!



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my hubbie is so supportive. He cooks SW meals for us and walks with me every day. He quietly allows me to look in all the restaurant windows and march back and forth trying to find the place with the best food for me.
The only issue is the wine, he persuades me to have one glass and then i wander off plan!
He's a great help though.
I KNOW that I couldn't have done it without the help and support of my hubby. I'd started to try to 'cut down' on my own, and was doing reasonably well, despite being on a lot of medication, including Prednisolone. (Yes, I know that those little red tablets DON'T actually put food into your mouth...).

Then hubby got a bit of a warning from the Doctor about 'risk factors' high blood pressure, cholesterol, age and being 'big round the middle'. Then, completely by chance, whilst at the local hospital with me, we met a lovely lady who started to chat to us about the SW class she went to. She was so enthusiastic and encouraging, saying why not just come next week and see what you think, you don't HAVE to join if you don't feel it's for you... As they say, the rest is history!!!

Strangely enough, that first evening, he was more keen than me! I just didn't 'get' all that sitting around and confessing your syns! And it wasn't as if it was all women either - we have quite a few men, and bl**dy good cooks a lot of them are too! But decades ago I'd gone to a Slimming Magazine Club (do they still exist?), and, although supportive in many ways, he'd always been rather sarcastic about it, and felt it was all 'a bit juvenile!'

As I've said before, it's been great doing it together, supporting and encouraging each other, with a bit of (friendly) rivalry thrown in. It makes occasions like holidays and eating out SO much easier - I'd never have coped with an OH who frequently sabbotaged my efforts as some in our Class do, I would have just given into temptation and given up!

As I've also said before, we've long since stopped thinking of SW as a DIET, it's our new healthy eating plan for life!
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My OH is coming round! I started (again) and then he was daignosed with high cholesterol and found out that both his younger brothers had died (long story, don't ask!) and he is now all up for it!He ha been joining in half heartedly, and almost lost as much as me! Now all I have to do is convince him he should be exercising!
He does nearly all of the cooking as he's retired. Jamie Oliver has nothing to worry about, and I'm sure he uses more oil than we should have, but I don't like to mither!
That's marvellous Judi - bet you'll both get a suprise next time you get your cholesterol checked! As you probably read previously, our Doctor said to hubby "with readings like these, you could live forever!"

I've had heart problems too - angioplasty and stents, then rotoblation, which is where they stick a Black and Decker up your coronary artery and DRILL it out! Having lost almost four and a half stone in total, and sticking to the SW plan, I'm a new woman!!!

Just get OH to stick with it - I know Frylight's not the same, but...


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My hubby is very supportive. He loves cooking, and I don't so he does most of it.
He picks recipes from my SW recipe books and magazines.
He, however, hates fry light and complains about using it and would love to use oil sometimes but doesn't because he is trying for me.
He also loves fancy sauces but he makes that separate so he can have them while I don't.
Where he is a bit naughty, but I don't mind in the slightest, is he gets cakes and stuff he enjoys and munches away. It doesn't worry me. If I feel like something sweet I'll have a muller light or an alpen bar.


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My wonderful husband is fantastic. He makes me SW friendly meals, enocourages me without sounding like he hates me being fat and listens to my moans and offers constructive advice.

The nicest thing he ever did was when we went to his familys house for tea, I was uncomfortable telling them I was dieting so when it came to pudding I said no thanks, but they insisted and put it in front of me. I just sat staring at it thinking "what do I do?" when he looked at me, gobbled his pudding in one, said "That was so nice I am eating yours" leaned over and stuffed mine in his mouth all at once. His family were horrified and all said he was selfish and what an awful thing to do to me, whereas I have never loved him more.

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My OH is very tall and slim and he doesn't really seem to LIKE eating, so he doesn't know what all the fuss is about. If I didn't cook for him and nag him he would be clinically underweight (as he has been before), so I can't avoid seeing/handling fattening foods, as he NEEDS them. LOL

That said, he is very supportive in asking about my losses on WI day and boasting to his mates when I'm SOTW. He thinks I should be a consultant one day and he keeps telling me how great I look. He puts his hands around my waist and says "Look how LITTLE you are" (I'm not).

Best of all, my boyfriend says that women are SUPPOSED to have a slight belly and some curves... So I should set my target weight wherever I like but not worry too much about trying to look like an under-fed boy. LOL

Miss Q

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I think the nicest word to use for my OH vs SW is 'cynical'. I told him fairly casually that I was doing Slimming World, then in my first week when I was eating a syn-free tea of quorn chilli and rice and told him happily that it was syn-free, he raised his eyebrows skeptically.
Commenting another night about my big tea followed by fruit and yoghurt, he asked if I thought I would put on weight with this diet due to the amount of food!

Then at this weeks weigh-in when I told him I had lost three pounds he said "I could lose that in a weekend!"
(He is massive so he could probably lose three pounds going for a sh*t!)

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Miss Q;1862242 (He is massive so he could probably lose three pounds going for a sh*t!) Whatever![/QUOTE said:

seriously tho- i realise my post about my OH was a bit mean LOL.. but he does try and support me best he can.. and i hope you wont be offended by this.. but your hubby seems to be a bit of a twat when it comes to your diet! you'l soon be slim and sexy and he'l be all over you like a hot rash! I think your doing amazingly, and you should be proud of yourself.. Well done to you. *hugs* xxxxxxxxx


Trying again!!!
My wonderful hubby is totally supportive though he still can't get his head around how much I eat!! He joined the gym with me for motivation and says he want us to eat healthy Sun - Thurs (so that I am not tempted by highly synned items in the house). He has been "sponsoring me" too so every 1lb I lose I have been receiving money in return but if I put it back on I have to give it back, which stands to reason! We have stopped going to the gym but we do have a lot of gym equipment in our garage so we both are doing that together. One thing is my hubby is scared that I will have no curves when I get to target but I have assured him that there is no chance of that lol xx

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