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Do you get weighed in stones or KG?


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I get weighed in kilos and then LLC gives me the amount lost in lbs. But then I have a very complicated spreadsheet where I analyse the whole thing in even more detail!


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KW, cat is having major surgery today. Touch and go, we'll see later but they know it's cancer, just not sure which sort. Fingers crossed we'll be able to give him a few more weeks/months of quality life. If not, he had a great life with us so I don't feel I've let him down in any way.


nearly there!! :)
wre measured in kilos, but if u really want to see it in stone shell do it...i asked when i hit the 12s and will ask again when in the 11s etc...just dont think i would have believed it unless i seen it! ha
Ive only had my first weigh in and it was in kg, I dont like them Id have much preferred lbs. Think when I have my weigh in on monday all ask for my loss in lbs. I came home and had to work out my weight by a converter calculator.
We get weighed in kilos but got told loss in lbs. Im having trouble converting mine to stones.

I can convert my kilos into lbs and it shows a 10.5 lbs loss but when I convert it to stones it doesn't work it shows a 8lbs loss why the hell is this?? its so annoying!
I give up!
THANKS that is much better than what I was using!!! few I have lost 10.5 I was getting worried!
I get weighed in kgs first and then she presses a button that gives the reading in stone and lbs too. My total loss is done in lbs and kgs too. Not very good at maths so thankfully the LLC does it all for me!

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