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Do you go into ketosis on CS????


Eloquent hooligan
I'm guessing yes as your main meal is supposed to be restricted carbs / high protein based on the suggestions for your meals / snacks

The shakes themselves have 20 odd carbs per pack :)


Eloquent hooligan
PS Mini posted a great CS vid here


In the vid they don't mention Ketosis by name but do talk about restricted carb intake & weaning your body off carbs as a source of energy. As the diet is also calorie-restricted I took this to mean Ketosis as the body's source of energy :)
I'm on day 6 and still not in ketosis I know I haven't cheated. I have had the two shakes each day with a suitable snack morning afternoon and evening with a sensible meal at night. Just as it says to do. I know what ketosis is like as I was on Go Lower before Christmas and was in it then. My wee is not showing signs on the stix. There has been a slight smell but nothing more. Anyone got any ideas please?
Hi Slim4me,

I might be 'teaching me mother to suck eggs' here, but are you drinking at least 2L of water a day?

know from previous stint on LT that if I didnt drink enough water I slipped out of ketosis quite easily.. not checked whilst on this diet so not sure if its the same?

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