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Do you go to the GYM if so what is your workout?


Slimming for my children
I only just started but I do
10 mins on bike
10 mins walking uphill.
4 different sets of arm things (dont want bingo wings for my wedding hehe)
The ball thing doing 3 sets of 20 sit ups.
The balance board.
10 mins on bike
10 mins walking uphill
5 mins cool down on the rowing machine.

will i see a difference soon?
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Warning-Contains Nuts
You'll feel a difference before you see it, I always feel much more emergetic and supple even when I've only been to the gym a few times.

My full workout is-

60 mins crosstrainer (to burn of as many cals as poss, usually time this for when there is some good telly for an hour, as my gym has tv's on the machines :))
10 mins rowing
10 mins weight machines for thighs
10 mins crosstrainer
10 mins weights for upper arms
10 mins crosstrainer

Your plan is more varied than mine, I've got a bit set in my ways!!
i do -

100cals cross trainer
100cals treadmill
50 abdominal crunches
50 thigh things
50cals cross trainer
50 abdominal crunches
20 arm things
50cals treadmill

thats all approx, sometimes more sometimes less


Slimming for my children
i cant seem to do the cross trainer as i havent got the motivation!
Do you feel that doing all that has speeded up your loss as you have done fantastic!


Warning-Contains Nuts
I try to go 5-6 times a week. Plus a good walk at the weekend with my boyf to try keep his lazy butt healthy too! If the Playstation burned off calories, he'd be as thin as a whippet....


Slimming for my children
wow 5 - 6 times a week!!! When do you fit it all in thats at least 2 - 3 hours! Well done i bet you must be really toned and skinny!!
has it speeded up your loss?


Warning-Contains Nuts
It's 2hrs including walking there and back! I'm lucky that my gym is just round the corner from my house. I go either sat, or sun during the day, usually morning so I can still go out if I want. During the week I go straight from work, I'm a teacher so unless I've got a parents evening or after-school class I can get to the gym by 4-5pm. My boyf doesn't get home till gone 7pm as he has a long commute, so we usually don't have dinner till about 8:30pm.
If I go home I just end up watching the same cr*p TV I would on the crosstrainer, but sitting on the sofa!!

I've done lots of different diets to lose the weight. Exercising has deffo helped. Actually I have lost weight without dieting when I've exercised enough...


Warning-Contains Nuts
Having said all that....I'm having trouble getting myself away from the computer and a painting I'm doing at the moment!
If I'm really busy or feeling knackered I just do the 60 mins on the crosstrainer.....
if I don't get myself out the door in the next 20 mins that'll be all I'm doing today!
Hi... I was only just saying that I do exercise every day.

I do my cross trainer and also have several dvd's but have to say that I really like the Core Rhytmns DVD.. you can see a section of it on youtube.... love it love it.

I do have the strictly dancersize.. but I don't have spaghetti legs haha

I also have that one with RC and that lovely lady off the telly.. whats her name... doh... :confused: Nolan lady... the pretty one hehe

I have only done that one once as I am hooked on the Core one... but I like a selection in case I want a change.

Already seen the difference with working out.. feel so much better :D

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