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JessyG's food diary - positive and determined to shift the bulge

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by JessyG24, 22 August 2013 Social URL.

  1. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Hello everyone

    I stopped writing in my blog and on reflection feel that admitting my syns might stop be having so many, so here goes :) Please subscribe as it will genuinely help me on my journey down to at least 10st 3lbs! :wavey:and I will post recipes and exercise tips to help you also.

    Yesterday: Wednesday 21 August

    Plan: Slimming World Success Express

    Breakfast: Banana (SF), Grapes Strawberries Raspberries (SF) and Museli (HEB 1) with some milk allowance (1/2 HEA 1)
    Drinks: 2 cups of tea (1/4 HEA 1), and 1 litre of water
    Early afternoon snack: Peach (SF) and A handful of maoam sweets (8 1/2 syns looking at syn calculator - was NOT WORTH IT if this is right)
    Lunch: Rocket and Pea Shoots (SF), Homemade Chilli - Extra lean mince (F), Kidney Beans (2 syns, due to small volume), Red pepper (SF), Green pepper (SF), Mushrooms (SF), Garlic (SF), Passata (F), Onion (SF), Seasoning (F), A pinch of weightwatchers low fat grated cheese (1/2 HEA 2)
    Afternoon snack: Strawberry Mullerlight (F)
    Dinner: Barenaked noodles (F?), King Prawns (F), Green Beans (SF), Red Onion (SF), Garlic (SF), Mushrooms (SF), Red Pepper (SF) and Green Pepper (SF), Seasoned with cajun and paprika and lemon (F)
    Evening snack: Scan bran x1 (1/5 HEB2) and an extra light cheese triange (1 syn)
    Drinks: 1 cup of tea, a mouthful of milk (my food was too spicy!) (1/2 HEA 2)
    Post gym snack: 6 walnut halves (6 syns)

    Total syns for day: 15 1/2 (bit annoyed about this as would have been 7, and healthy syns at that, if it wasn't for those sweets)

    I also went to the gym:

    Cardio: 5 minutes warm up on crosstrainer, followed by a 2 minute cool down; 5 minutes on the stepper machine; and 5 minutes rowing
    Strength: Barbell; Kettlebeg swings and squats; tricep pully machine; tricep free weights; TRX machine pull ups; abdominal crunches with and without weights; sit ups; abdominal twists
    Burned around 300 calories, but it is more about toning up for me

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  3. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Thursday 22nd August

    Breakfast: Grapes Strawberries and Raspberries (SF) and Museli (HEB1) with some milk allowance (1/2 HEA1)
    Early afternoon snack: peach (SF), a chocolate party ring (1 syn) and one maoam chew (1 syn) - still shouldn't have had it
    Drinks: Tea x 2 (1/4 HEA1) and a litre of water
    Lunch: Rocket and pea shoots (SF), pastrami (F), tomatoes (SF), cucumber (SF), radishes (SF), a pinch of weightwatchers low fat grated cheese (1/2 HEB 2)
    Afternoon snack: Mullerlight chocolate and orange (F)

    Dinner still to be decided as not sure if going to the Mother in Law's :) Will update later! Going to try for no more syns today!

  4. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member

    Subscribed :)

    Have a good day xxx
  5. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member


    Use your syns! Thats what they are there for :D my daily chocolate fix is easily covered by my syns and gives me a great boost when I need it :) I find if I don't have them. . I tend to go over plan a little as I have previously deprived myself. .

    Enjoy- you are working bloody hard and you deserve it :D xxx
  6. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    I always feel bad having them even though I know i shouldnt, i make up for it at weekends though so try to save up my syns :)

    I have taken your advice though and i am having my syns today ;) I have just been to M&S and got their meal dea; - taking the wine and dessert to my grandmas at weekend for her bday, but having steak and chips tonight :D steak is free and chips are 8 syns so not too bad at all :D

  7. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member

    Try to look at it in a different light, we are all working towards a life long habit change and so having the treats (that you deserve!) Along the way can only do good! Well thats the way I am trying to look at it, and it has already helped me so much to see that even though I ate healthily before.. I still wasn't having the right balance-and also the right amount of exercise! !

    So glad you have treated yourself :D I love steak ssssssooooooooo much!! Love sw for the amount of meat you can eat! :D

  8. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Thanks hun, what a positive message :D

    I will reply with a postive message too: I lost 2lbs this week so now 11st 5lbs :D so chuffed

    Going to go have of those fat percentage weigh ins in Boots :)

  9. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Friday 23rd August

    Extra Easy today; is the weekned

    Breakfast: Museli (HEB) with milk (1/2 HEA); Banana (SF); Strawberries (SF)
    Drinks: 1/2 litre of water and 2 cups of tea (2 syns for milk)
    Lunch: Curly lettuce (SF); Radishes (SF); Cucumber (SF); Pastrami (F); and weightwatchers cheese (1/2 HEA)
    Afternoon snacks: Grapes and melon (SF); Mullerlight (F)

    Going home to Newcastle tonight so going to have an indian takeaway: Boiled rice (F); Chicken tikka tandoori (9 syns) - I would usually have chicken tikka massala but not sure sauce is worth the extra 5 1/2 syns; Raitha (I'll say about 5 syns?)

    Total syns: 16 - Happy with that for a Friday Night (although there will probably be wine, but i'm not going to turn down a few when i'm visiting home!)

  10. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member

    Looks good Jess! Hope you have a great time at home and glad to see you using your syns ;) xxx
  11. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    I am now back from a lovely weekend at home (with too many syns to count) and back on plan!

    Monday 26th August - EXtra East
    Breakfast:Small bowl of museli (HEB) No superfree as I was in a rush
    Lunch: Subway chicken tikka salad bowl; grated cheese (HEA) and light mayo (3 syns)
    Dinner: Tuna pasta bake: Wholemeal pasta; chopped tomatoes; tuna; garlic and onion; weightwatchers cheese (2 syns)

    Snacks: Velvet crunch crisps (4 syns); strawberry mullerlight; strawberries; banana; tea and coffee (1 syn for milk)

    Total for week 9/105
  12. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member


    Missed your posts this weekend! Glad you had a good time :D xxx
  13. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Thanks honey :)

    And I bought some size 12 jeans yesterday! woop! haven't fitted into 12 jeans since about 2007 :D

  14. yellowturtle13

    yellowturtle13 Silver Member

    Fantastic!!!! :D xx
  15. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Tuesday 27th August
    Brunch: Omelette - 3 eggs (F) onion (SF) garlic (SF) red pepper (SF) mushrooms (SF) weightwatchers cheese (1/2 HEA)
    Afternoon snacks: peach (SF) banana (SF)
    Dinner: chicken (F) stirfry vegetables (SF) balsamic vinegar (3 syns)
    Dessert: peach (SF) and realised I had not had HEB so had some museli (HEB) with milk (1/2 HEA); citrus olives (3 syns)
    Drinks: 2ltr water; 2 teas (1 syn)

    Total syns: 7

    Weekly syns: 16/105 syns
  16. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Wednesday 28th August

    Success Express

    Breakfast: Museli (HEB1) with milk (1/2 HEA1) strawberries (SF) red grapes (SF) and green grapes (SF) and banana (SF)
    Morning drinks: 1/2 ltre of water and 1 cuppa (1/4 HEA2)
    Lunch: Lettuce (SF) radishes (SF) cucumber (SF) tomatoes (SF) patrami (F) and extra light mayo (2 syns) weightwatchers cheese (25g) 1/2 HEA1
    Afternoon snacks: Peach (SF) Plum (SF) and mullerlight (F) baked cookie (5 syns)

    I aim to have another litre and a half of water before hometime and probably 2 cups of tea! (1/2 HEA2)
    Dinner will be: Chilli - extra lean mince (F), red pepper (SF), green pepper (SF), onion (SF), garlic (SF), passata (F), mushrooms (SF), barenaked low carb noodles (F? or 1 syn max as very low calorie) served with a salad (SF) weightwatchers cheese (1/2 HEA2)

    I might have to syn another cup of tea (1)
    Evening snacks: Fruit/Mullerlight (if i need a snack!)

    I will update on how successful this was later! Potentially 6 syns, which would bring my total to 22/105
  17. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Update on Wednesday 28th August

    Breakfast/Morning drinks/Lunch/Afternoon snacks all correxr

    However i only had one more cup of tea (1/4 HEA2), and about a litre of water.
    Dinner was as above but i didnt serve it with salad but it had loads of veg in, and i had the bit of weightwatchers cheese (1/2 HEA2) - all of my 2 HEAs done
    I didn't have an evening snack or a cuppa, just water

    Total syns: going to put 6
    Total weekly syns: 22/105
  18. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Thursday 29th August

    Success Express

    Breakfast: Banana (SF) Grapes (SF) Strawberries (SF) and Museli (HEB1) with milk (1/2 HEA1) 2 cups of tea (1/2 HEA1)
    Lunch: Salad (SF) with leftover chilli - no cheese (F)
    Afternoon snacks: peach (SF) plum (SF) mullerlight (F)
    Drinks: maybe another cuppa (1/4 HEA2) and lots of water
    Dinner: Chicken (F) in a nandos rub (not sure how many syns - will check packet tonight) with baby courgettes (SF), baby corn (SF), green beans (SF), and sweet potato chips (think these might be a syn on success express? gonna say about 3 syns)

    Evening: will probably have another 2 cups of tea (1/2 HEA2)

    Total syns approximation: 4/5 Total weekly syns would then be: 26-27/105 :D

    Not finding it easy to use my HEB2, maybe more museli?

  19. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    How come you're doing Success Express?

    The sweet potato isn't Synned on SE - it's a free food. Think you're getting that mixed up with Red days, where it would then need to be Synned.

    Other than that, looking good xxx
  20. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Ooh yay that is good to know. I used to do red days you see.

    Doing success express because I didn't lose weight that well on extra easy (i'm rubbish with carbs) so did red days. But wanting to speed it up a bit (been a bit naughty a few weekends) so hoping success express will work. Tbh i don't find it any harder due to the healthy exras :)

  21. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I don't think it's hard at all either. All you have to do is switch the ratio of 1/3rd SuperFree to 2/3rds, and double chekc Syn values to make sure you're counting the highest one. But then I do eat a heck of a lot of SuperFree anyway and I'm not a snacker, so not being able to snack doesn't put me off either. I think I probably do a lot of days which are near enough Success Express without planning it or meaning to (I just class it as EE though), except I stick to 1 set of HEx's, unless of course on a Red / Green day :) xxx

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