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I play my DS to keep my mind occupied very childish i know but love it :D

Also take the dogs out that takes up a good half hour

I treadmill every night for 30/40 mins that also takes an hour away after showering etc
Hi Mrs Bee,
My hobby is knitting.. I think I saw on another thread you were crocheting? Well I customise my hand knits with beads etc, and am knitting in smaller sizes to fit into x It does pass the time and I can watch TV too.. :D also am sure i read somewhere alot of celebs are knitting :)
Well I used to be very into playstation games and could use up a whole weekend playing Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. I appreciate not every girl is into that though! :)

Now I just watch telly, read magazines (cutting out the things I want to wear at goal and creating a mood board)

You could try yoga, knitting, cross-stitch, crosswords, get into clothes making/altering.


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Well I used to be very into playstation games and could use up a whole weekend playing Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. I appreciate not every girl is into that though! :)
Me too! However my PS2 and games seem to have disappeared!! :( I've searched everywhere, and they're nowhere to be found!!


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I'm in between OU courses at the moment, trying to do some reading to get ahead for the next one. They are a bit of a significant commitment, but I really enjoyed my first one. If you have either a lot of spare time, or a real interest in a subject, then maybe have a look at doing something?

They do lots of 'short' or 10/20/30 point courses, you dont' have to sign up to a full on eight or nine month 60 pointer.
We've started going to dog obedience, obv not an option if a) you dont have a dog or b) your dog is well behaved! I also started going to aqua aerobics. xxx
My hobby is comping :D

I also do surveys.
Some you save up & get cheques & others you save up & pick what vouchers you want.


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There's always the Wii....Lego Star Wars, anyone?
I love comping too. I have only won once. A gift bag full of Loreal, but it was fun so I keep trying.

Other things I do to keep myself occupied:

Cleaning: as in.. cleaning out closets, getting organised. Hoovering- a lot! washing all my curtains, hanging them out (we have had lots of good weather)! Ironing.

Gardening: trimming shurubs, mowing the lawn etc.

Beauty stuff: varnishing my nails and giving myself mani's and pedi's. plucking my eyebrows in between threadings. a great one for me is putting the bleaching tray on my teeth. Can't cheat and have white teeth! (I really like the beauty things because when I was really big, I didn't really do anything to myself because I always thought, what's the point? Now even though I am not at goal yet, I find it makes me feel good to try to look as nice as I can.

Admin: Filing everything and making labels and all that jazz.

I would love to knit or crochet but I would need someone to teach me, as I dont think I could learn from a book. If anyone is in west london and wants a student ;)

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I've really got into photography since christmas just gone, and I'm doing my second wedding photography shoot in August, I really love it. It just started out by taking one photo every day, it becomes a project then!


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From 200 - 2006 I had an online graphic business (you can see one of my bears in my avatar) I hadn't done a thing with paint shop pro in 2 years but changed the bear as my CD bear. I got so busy with my new job I didn't have time to draw, and of course if the mood isn't right, much like a painter, I didn't have the motivation to draw. So it's nice I have dipped my hand back in briefly !

I enjoy gaming, Resident Evil, Silent Hill etc, and have been playing on the wii and ii fit more sinc starting CD.

I also have been puzzling, buying puzzle books and taking them to bed to pass the time and keep my hands busy !

I have also been ironing hahaha, which has been sorely neglected !

I do struggle at night and need things to keep my interest, as people say it isn't the hunger, it's the feeling of wanting to eat and have my mouth filled with something nice !

I hve more baths now than I ever did ! I also do things like moisturise my body, pedicures etc which I seldom did.

Perhaps when my figure returns I can do more things and try some new expereinces instead of hiding behind my weight and using it as an escuse not to partake in fun activities !


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I love photography too! I studied it for a bit, and so do take a fair number of photos. Just not many things to take photos of after a while around here!
Wii Guitar Hero!!! I bought Lego Star Wars for a laugh the other day (my son plays that a lot on his DS) and it's brill :D

New shooter comes out next week (The Conduit) so I'll give that a hammering, and then Rock Band 2 at the end of the month (if it ever comes out).

Not much else to do on an evening, with Mrs L. being at work and the kids in bed.

I'm into Astronomy but the evenings are too light at the moment to be worth getting the telescope out. I also worked for a motor racing team which got me out quite a bit but we're not doing it this year due to the recession :( Mind you, if we do it again next year they'll wonder who I am lol


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I used to horse ride a lot and I plan to get back into it again soon - don't want to give the poor horse a sore back - or look like a sack of potatoes!

I actually need to get off my bum in the evenings and do a lot of things around the house. I'm on phased return to work after maternity leave and my weeks are just getting busier and busier - need to be more organised.

I want to go walking in the evenings with my friend, but haven't got round to organising it...

I want to go to yoga on a Wednesday evening but always seem to have an excuse not to...

I need to organise a load of photos that I've taken over the last year into albums...

So the only thing I do, do is read.

Really need to get motivated!


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I go to Jazzercise and it's awesome!!! So much fun, great music and it keeps me fit. Brilliant hobby! Plus when I get back, I am too knackered to eat so it's a winner all round! x


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I do a dance/exercise class but thats only one night a week. I do enjoy the wii. I've got Star Wars but i'm a bit thick with it and cant seem to do anything. I've got the wii fit out again and i'm doing that or sport active each evening.
I like pottering in my garden, its not big but weeds still grow! I've got tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, herbs and courgettes in the greenhouse.
Housework - nah, thats no hobby its a chore i could do without!


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I really want to go to a salsa class or something, but there's no-one who can and will come with me!

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