Do you have to have syns?


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Other than my first week I'm not losing two weeks sts.

Typical day
B 2 eggs or muller light and fruit
Snack I or 2 alpen light
L quorn with veg or ww soup and a banana
D Salmon or quorn and veg or stirfry veg 1/2 plate full, Muller light,

Hex a is milk
Hex b is ww soup or 2 alpin lights or both

Syns - in the week 2.5 on chocolate not usually any more

Weekend syns will include wine so Friday, Saturday, Sunday probably 10-15 syns

Am I eating enough??????
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You totally need to eat more!!
You should be filling up whilst on slimming world.
The more syns you eat the more you lose. try and eat 10-15syns as when you get closer to target you can reduce it.
Eating more syns will boost your metabolism too.
Pile your plate high - have a look at my food diary - link below xx

Happy Holidays

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You must be starving. You need to eat more & you need to have your syns.

Take a look at the diaries on here & look at their stats you will see then what they eat AND they do lose weight.

Remember this is for life it's not a quick fix, it needs to fit in with your lifestyle.


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I did wonder if I wasn't eating enough but this is sort of always normal when I'm being healthy and not eating lots of bread, dips, crisps etc - so a bit scary to eat more, and I'm not really hungry - thanks for the response I'll have a look at the food diaries and get organised!!