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Do you have to?

I'm thinking about not doing the meal after 12 weeks-when I did LL there was no break and it didn't do me any harm, so why risk it this time round?


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810 week was really good for me..i was scared about coming off SS for a week after 3 months but my losses had slowed down so i really needed the metabolism boost. i think it's a necessity and it will hurt in the long run if you dont...but i'm sure a CDC will be along soon to explain why its a must do! xx


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Do you have to have a 200cal meal after SS ing for 12 weeks feel like im happy not having anything i feel healthy so why rock the boat - anybody just SS all the way.
Hey I am so with you here..

I am starting my 11 week tomorrow and had a chat with my cdc.. I just want to stay on ss I dont want to add food. THen I thought right I am going to say I am going to do 100 days on ss and then see when i get there.

What week are you on. ?


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Don't quote me but- NICE guidelines recommend that you only follow a VLCD (SS or SS+) for a max of 12 weeks, are you not at danger of doing your body harm if you dont follow this? If you stick to 810 for a week, you should still loose weight.


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Hey Lin.
Im not even sure what you do after 12 weeks is it still 3 shakes/soups
and then a meal?
I am nearly 1/2 way to goal.. I just am so scared to eat.. Do you feel like that?


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Sure do, its 3 shakes and a 200cal meal for week 13 you only have to do it for a week then can SS again so i may just carry on SSing, saying that being scared to eat is not good either, we will have to at some point thats a cert.


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I know..... but I am happy as I am .. Im not scared as in scared of food.. but just dont want to change what Im doing if that makes sense as all is going well and Im happy x


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The reason for the NICE guidelines are because after 12 weeks on a VLCD you risk losing lean tissue as well as fat, which is why they recommend a break. However, that being said, I know many people continue to SS for longer than that, and I'm hoping to do 75 days. So, that's cleared up the reasoning for it, now over to you x
Its not as bad as you think......I was panicing about it for ages but I did my week on the 810 last week and had my 3 shakes and evening meal. I really enjoyed it, it was a nice break and has been easy enough to get back into ss'ing this week. I was also worried about putting weight on but still lost 3 pounds so was really pleased with that.
Don't you have to do 810 for week 13?? Which means it'll be more than a 200cal meal as i currently do ss+ which is 3 CD's and a 200cal and approx 615cals a day. Therefore i think the meals are similar to ss+ but you need more of it to give 810cals?? Hopefully a CDC will correct us all soon but i know it's best not to ss all the way. The 810 for a week will still mean you're losing, ok maybe not as much as you're used to but in the long run it could kick your metabolism meaning you lose more afterwards? x


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Had it three weeks ago or so. I found food to be not as great tasting as I had imagined for 12 weeks before that LOL however, on the last day of it, when I was SO looking forward to being back on shakes, I felt awfully sick and have thrown up all of the white and greens -I like to think it was a stomach bug and not anorexia LOL-.

Metabolism boost wise I don't know, I lost that week nearly as much as on a normal week and then the one after it nearly nothing -TOTM- but I have lost a whole load -double- the week after so maybe it was from AAM.

All that aside, in short, I dreaded it as well but did it in the end nonetheless for one main reason. I thought that most likely, going on without it would be fine but for the small chance that my organism would come down with something after, wouldn't I wonder if it was partly because I skipped the recommended add a meal week?

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


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also, if you are worried that it would be difficult to get back on SS then i had that same fear but if you are determined and focused then it's easy. i found it really easy and didn't have the same physical symptoms (headaches, hunger) that i had when i first went into ketosis.
My CC told me that you go up from ss to ss+, not to 810. and it is only for a week. It does help boost your metabolism. It will probably help with other things like constipation. Your body needs to remember that it needs food. TFR is only temporary. Many dont realise that you can plateau as well. the boost should bring you out of that.Plateauing on vlcd <so I am told, means you retain a bit of water but are still losing fat. going up one step for a week, helps 'trick' the body that it isnt starving. Anyway, this is how it was explained to me... Hope it helps. Really though ask the counsellors
The rules are you SS or SS+ for 12 weeks then week 13 you have to do the 810 programme (this is different to SS+).

You are not allowed to be on a VLCD for more than 12 weeks then you must change to a LCD (over 800 cals). This is in line with Government legislation (NICE guidance which CDC's must comply with).

I normally introduce SS+ in week 12 as a stepping stone followed by 1 week of 810.

3 shakes and a 200cal meal is SS+ not 810 which is the week 13 programme.