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I'm not that far from Birmingham, but don't go in that often. The Bullring is fab for shopping, has a lovely Selfridges and lots of other shops. Also the Hippodrome Theatre, if you fancy taking in a show, have a look at Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham's premier theatre uk for what's on. Other than that have a look on google, there's tons to do in Birmingham, just depends what sort of thing you're looking for. :)
I've probably misunderstood, but is it the initial meet to gather the troops so to speak?


I STILL mean it!
We met once before, also in Biurmingham, when we went to Flares nightclub. Just trying to tap the well of knowledge on this site for ideas really. It's hard to know what you actually want to do when there are so many variables. For example, the Nutcracker is on at the Hippodrome, and I would LOVE to go and see that - but what about others? Anyway it will be nice to meet in the afternoon and just "hang out", it was brilliant last time.
Ann x
Yeah sounds good.

Errr...... how about just finding a lounge to sit and chat in? The Jurys Inn would be perfect for that. It's a bit hard to do 'chillin' when we aint going to eat etc.

I'm down for whatever, but I can only meet for so long, then I'm off as I have another engagement - sorry.

Hopefully I'll look OK standing around you skinny minis :D


Taking Back Control...!!!
Don't be daft Jennie and C-C

we are all getting together because we have a common bond - weight loss it's just some are further down the road than others.

Jennie - aren't you staying over and coming for a boogie? Be great if you could - if not still be good to meet you Saturday afternoon - I should be there with Mandy around 2-3ish I hope. Mandy is driving down to mine in Coventry and then we are taking the train.

Going shopping tomorrow to find something new to wear:D

Jennie - aren't you staying over and coming for a boogie? Be great if you could - if not still be good to meet you Saturday afternoon - :D

Nah... for a start I haven't been to a night club in, blimey, over 12 years and would feel very out of place... I have lost my ability to party I think... pathetic eh! lol So, as tempted as I was... I won't be staying over (although not seeing "Eric" so it might be good... then again... can't afford eighty quid!)... *sigh... am torn ! (Can you tell??) lol


I STILL mean it!
Please, I don't want ANYONE to worry about their weight. We are all on the same journey - some at different stages to others, that's all.
Does anyone know of a pub/bar where we could go early evening where we could TALK??? We went to a nearby Australian Bar & then Flares last time, and the music was so loud in both that you couldn't talk to eachother.
Ann x


Taking Back Control...!!!
Ann just googled Digbeth Coach station and found this - if it's only 10 mins walk I'd guess a taxi should be quite reasonable......

The main coach station in Birmingham is Digbeth, about 10 minutes' walk south from the city centre. It's a busy station, acting as the hub of the network for National Express - the country's major coach company - and claims to serve 1,200 destinations daily. This is not the most salubrious area, but the station itself has been smartened up in recent years and it's possible to get decent if unexciting food and hot drinks here. Tickets can be bought here but arrive in plenty of time as queues often build up fast and move agonisingly slowly at peak times. Various deals are offered with a return ticket to most major English cities from Birmingham costing less than £20, providing you book in advance and have fixed times for you outbound and return journeys.


I STILL mean it!
Thanks FFF but don't even attempt it. Last time several of us drove around Birmingham City Centre for up to an hour, trying to find the car park to Jury's Inn (and then you have to pay for it) It beat the satnav lady I can tell you!
Not a salubrious area eh???? Well I don't have a choice, so I'll book my ticket this afternoon.
What time does everyone plan on leaving?
Ann x


Taking Back Control...!!!
Are you staying over now Ann as you weren't sure where you?

Mandy has to drive home on Sunday so we will probably have to leave around lunchtime - about 1ish? I need to speak to Mandy to finalise arrangements as she is driving to me on Saturday morning so hopefully we'll be there by 3pm - if not before!

I'm sure in the light of day Digbeth Coach Station is fine - it's the area that's 'not the best' - apparently! Just take a taxi straight from coach to hotel you'll be fine.

We could drive but it is so not worth it .....Bham and Coventry are not the easiest places to get around!

See you Saturday.

Ann - take a taxi.

I walked from the coach station last time & was actually quite frightened in broad daylight. There were lots of groups of men hanging about & it's also quite a long walk with a big bag!


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