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Do you loose after a Flexi Syn day?


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Hi all,

I have been 100% on plan for two weeks and I have lost 4.5lbs. However I am going for a night out on Friday and we are going for a curry, i have a dilema.... do i have a flexi syn day (well meal) and have my usual favourites or do i count it and try and play catch up all week?

I guess my question is have you lost or gained after a flexi syn day????

I'm torn between giving myself a break by enjoying a nice meal and the risk of putting weight on on Tuesday.

Any thoughts?

Thanks guys
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Pippy Bear

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I have faced the same dilemma as you, what I did was minimise my syns during the day of the meal, enjoyed what I wanted from the menu without counting, then halved my syns on the next day. The rest of the days I followed the plan as usual and still managed to lose 2 lbs.

Hope you enjoy your meal and get the results you want, if for any reason you don't manage to lose on Tuesday don't beat yourself up over it, you still need to enjoy yourself and relax every now and again otherwise you will soon lose interest and feel deprived.


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I usually have a flexi syn meal but try to have no syns all day and then choose lower syn options for the actual meal, I now have boiled rice instead of fried rice and popadoms instead of nan etc :) x


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SW say you probably won't lose that week if you have a flexi day but you shouldn't gain. It's about staying in control.
That said, if you cut back your syns for the other days, eat superfree on the day you are going out and don't go too OTT then I see no reason why you shouldn't lose!! It's a balance after all.

Enjoy it though!


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I have tried to use flexi syns when going out to eat but i struggle to estimate the syn values so i assume i have gone over my upper limit, therefore control has been lost!

The only way i have been able to have meal out and feel is control is by saving my syns up daily and then using them all at the meal. I have lost every time i have done this but not when i have tried the flexi syn option.


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S: 17st4.5lb C: 17st2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.03%)
Thanks for your advice guys, I really appreciate it.I think i just need to loose the guilt factor and relax and enjoy my meal out. I cant believe i use to go to this place at least 2-3 times a month and now i am analysing it so much and I've only been on SW for two weeks lol. I love how my attitude to food has changed so much in such a little amount of time! SW is the best :)


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The big wigs would probably tell you to count all your syns and just accept you might not lose that week. However I say life is for living! You just have to accept that you might have to sacrifice one weeks loss for a good night out. It's really up to you. SW is about learning about yourself and recognising and therefore changing certain things about you lifestyle or habbits. So if you want to have a fabulous meal and go mad - go for it just accept that is YOUR choice and YOU can fix it. Get rid of the guilt and just take responisbility for your choices. (hope that didn't come out the wrong way :))


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when i first started slimming world they had no flexi day they said save up ya syns and use them but have since changed there minds and dont encourage you to save all your syns so they invented a flexi syn so that you can push the boundries a bit when you feel the need and the aim is to maintain that week,the choice is yours i think personally id of saved the syns from when i got weighed to the actual day and not after,id rather go without before than play catch up and think oh no i cant have this because i already had that 2 days ago


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I've lost every time i use flexi syns. I make sure though i decide before i go what i'm going to have, and only have that. I also try and choose the "best" SW options like boiled rice and not creamy curries for example. I also sometimes have a dessert. I do try and stick to superfree for that day but the rest of the week i just do my normal thing. I also make sure i stop eating when i'm full, so if i'm full but was planning to have a dessert i don't have the dessert just for the sake of it. Definately enjoy the meal though :)

Mrs V

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My consultant used to say...go out with an idea of how many syns you will have...say 80 for that night. Make sure you can remember what you eat and drink and work it out the following day.
Just keep syns to a minimum for the remainder of the week and you should sts.


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I have always lost when flexi synning. I just allocate myself say 30 syns that meal eat them and then stop. I then go back to normal syns thereafter (15 for me) I find this much better than trying to cut back at which point i normally fail.
My boss who is doing SW with me saves her syns and cuts back when she has over synned and every time she does that she gains. I think it is because she kickstarts her metabolism them stops it again.

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