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Do you 'maximise your weigh in?'

A couple of weeks in to CD i drank about 750ml water driving over to my CDC. That's nearly 2lbs in weight!

Since then, I've had an eye on things I can do to maximise my weigh in. I said on another thread about the time I stood trying to feel the difference in weight between two pairs of knickers. I also have a weigh-in outfit, which is the lightest of my work frocks. And I'm careful with my water on a tuesday. AND i delay my 4pm pack by an hour, so it can be after weigh in.

So, come on - I bet it's not just me. Which of these things do you do? And are there any other tricks i'm missing out on?

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Drink minimal water b4 weigh in, silly not to!!!
Ah, my weigh in isn't until after work. Boo!


this time - the last time
spangles said:
Ah, my weigh in isn't until after work. Boo!
Mine too.

I start to cut down on water after lunchtime. Have a last minute toilet visit and wear my lightest clothes! I also take off all my jewellery (some of my costume pieces are quite big!)

My WI is at 7pm!

Sometimes I see people at my cdc's stepping on the scales in their boots! Are they crazy?!?!?!!!!!!!!!
Hehe I have my weigh now at lunchtimes and I also drink as least as possible to maximize my weigh in, glad I'm not the only one lol
Ha I don't do any of these but probably will now!! Although I'd avoid limiting the water as long term it's needed! X
i do all of these.... my weigh in is 9am so not so long to wait.

i wear the same clothes week in and week out (washed of course) to give a balanced weigh in.
i limit my water before weigh in.
i make sure i've been to the loo
if i haven't 'been' to the loo all week i make sure i 'go' to the loo as being bunged up can account for around 2lbs.
Haha I'm exactly the same!
Me and my sis devised a list of top put weigh in tips years ago when we were on slimming world:

*remove all nail varnish and makeup, I wear quite alot of mascara so can drop at least half pound.
* take out hair bobble, that's 10gs right there, gone
* which knickers weigh more, what knickers ;)
* blow your nose, don't hold tissue on scales though
* if all if the above dont give the desired weight loss, there's only one thing left... skinhead

Now if they're not top tips I don't know what are :)

I actually breath in on the scales too, ooooh yes that'll help lol, of and I never settle for the 1st weight its always best of 3 ha ha!!
Ha ha love those!!! I always do the best of 3 or if I'm still not happy then the best of 5 lol


this time - the last time
Best of 3! I forgot - I follow this one religiously at home!
My first weigh in I made sure I had a big lunch and dinner

My appointments at 8pm though so its gunna be tough today :(

Might see if I can last on one pack til after that x
Breath out..... Yes! I breath out the hold nothing, sometimes trepidation for the actual numbers on the scale!


this time - the last time
great things said:
Breath out..... Yes! I breath out the hold nothing, sometimes trepidation for the actual numbers on the scale!
Ooh.. I do this one too!
I get weighed in the mornings usually and I only ever take my belt off when I'm being weighed, but that's because it's got a pretty heavy buckle. Other than that the only other things I do are slow down my drinking before the weigh in and I don't eat anything at all until I've been weighed.

I'm more about making sure the conditions under which I'm being weighed are consistent. Same scales in the same place on the floor, with the same food/drink intake every week. :)
Great thread Spangles! I have a few tricks in the book after previous success on CD and I plan to use them this time! Best one is essentially to get weighed by one's Consultant as early in the morning as you can. Alas she doesn't do 6.30 am appointments so I have to settle with my own weigh in at 6am after a wee! (I;m a daily weigher!) And then get the official weigh in from my Consultant! The earliest appointment is 8.45am so roll on next Tuesday!
Keighleyjo2010 said:
Best of 3!!! Oh and I move my scales if I'm not happy, so sometimes ends up being best of 3 in 3places in my living room
Hahahaha love this! I also move it around!!! Takes up ten minutes sometimes and should take ten seconds! X

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