Do you remember?


Gone fishing
Okay...I know we have loads of games in the arcade (thank you Pierce:cool:), but what about another one on the message board besides the Word Association?

Here's how it works
The first poster asks a 'Do you remember question'

The next poster answers 'Yes' or 'No'
Then asks the next poster a question.

I'll start

Do you remember the 10 shilling note?
Erm no - I don't think, but I deffo had loads of 45s!!!

Do you remember HR Pufnstuff??


OOh that's funny - the pic won't show up on here - how rude!
HR Puff and What ??? Never heard of it!!

OK do you remember white dog poo in the park ?
Oh yes I popped mine!!

Ok do you remember the kinder egg advert with the egg going CHOCKADOOBIE!!!
White dog poo was coz back then everyone used to give their dogs bones, since found out it can kill some of them!!

Don't remember kinder egg ad what about the smash adverts with the aliens?
lieutenant pigeon mouldy old dough:p they don't write them like that anymore:eek:

I'm a secret lemonade drinker R Whites R Whites yep I remember that one too.

What about the oxo ads with Linda Belingham?
oooh at last someone who remebers mint cracknel, thats spooky as when I saw this thread I immediatly thought of asking if anyone remembered it as no one I have ever asked had and I was begining to wonder if I had imagined it!!

Do you remember The woodentops or bizzy lizzy, she had a magic flower on her dress andif you rubbed it you can make a wish!!!