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do you sleep for more than normal on CD?

I am on Day 24 of CD
I am finding I get very tired in the evening often and last night I went to bed at approx 11.30pm and I woke up properly at 11.30am!! (though I don't think I was in a deep sleep for an hour or two at the end as was dreaming?)
That is 12 hours sleep, it seems alot!

I do like my sleep but not usually as much as that. I didn't do anything particularly exhausting yesterday, I rode my bike at a leisurely pace to the shop and back but that was it.
12 hours seems a long time to sleep.

Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere this morning.
I'd be interested to hear if anyone else on CD sleeps more than normal.
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I get very sleepy too. I put my kids to sleep and by 9:30 pm, i'm ready for bed, however, I get up at 5:30 - 6 am when normally I get up at the earliest 6:30
No, about the same, last time I was actually less tired and more energetic and less groggy but I havent noticed that this time around.
I have actually found that I sleep less on the CD. I used to need at least 10hours sleep to feel rested, plus one day on a weekend to sleep until 2pm! Now I seem to need a lot less sleep and have more energy.

I do get physically exhausted by the end of the week as I commute to work on my cycle, but sleep wise I have found it better.

Everyone takes to the diet differently though!
I struggle to sleep on CD, I sleep lighter so wake up at the slightest of noises and have to keep getting up to pee.
I try not to have any drinks after 8.30 that way I dont need to be getting up


reaching my goal
yes i have found i am more sleepy , after the children are in bed i cant keep my eyes open ! I do enjoy my sleep but sometimes it would be nice to have sometime to my self before i go to bed .
I am def more sleepy. I do not have the energy I used to. But then it was probably all the sugar I was consuming! I feel for all you mums etc...I only have my self to look after and am still in bed by 10 pm, and that's a late night!

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