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Do you sometimes not want all 4 packs?


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Double them up hun!
It's important you have all 4 as they contain all the nutriens and vitamins your brain and body needs to function properly.
Maybe next time you pick up the packs you should choose the packs you like the most and keep them for the evening to have them with more satisfaction.
Good luck xx


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Yeah, I will do. This week I grabbed lots of different things to try out and, but think I'll have a better idea next time (tomorrow evening) and will save a bar each evening. I'm just really not hungry at all, but have had one soup and will have have the other at 10 or something.

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Yup... Mags is spot on... Also, as well as the daily required nutrients, having the 4 packs stops your body going into starvation mode... And this is really important to avoid as it could inhibit your losses by your body panicking and subsequently hanging onto what it does get...

Oh, and in answer to your question, no... Personally I always want all 4! Lol... ;)

Hi Possum, yes I often feel like that but like the girls say it's important to have all four to ensure you get all the nutrients. I too stick to my favourites but find I manage better to have three packs spaced for breakfast, lunch and dinner and treat my bar as a pudding with one of the latter - works for me anyway, x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!


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I count the minutes down to my packs not because I am hungry but because they taste yummy xx

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I watch the clock as well so I can have my next pack! I obviously have a lot to learn yet LOL
I had my first experience on Tuesday of not wanting my RTM meal (always want my packs) and was so tempted to scrap it and just have a pack but that was because I couldn't be bothered to make it! I can always manage my packs - maybe I've got more issues to address than I thought ;


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to be honest i dont always have the 4. I mostly force myself to have 3. Purely because they are so revolting!!! however, now that ive discovered the shepherds pie im having 4 every day cos i doulble them up in the evening to make myself have them!!


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I found some of the packs not to my taste, porridge is too powdery, but have got in the swing a bit more. My favourites are the shakes, I use my kenwood smoothie to go maker , mix half ice half water, delicious just like a thick milkshake from the golden arches!!
Most if the other packs I add tabasco sauce to, I seem to need stronger flavourings, taste buds must be changing.....oh and I use a balloon whisk to mix the soups, don't seem so powdery.

My LLC stressed when I started not to miss packs, try and have one every four hours, your body then does not think its starving, or the brain. Then when moving onto food try and eat little and often the four times a day are ideal. Its all about retraining your brain and body to eat smaller meals so you don't go back to over eating.
Well, seems logical to me.....
Don't worry, all - I wasn't contemplating not having them. Just observing that sometimes I don't want them :) I may start taking two to work and have one late afternoon instead.


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I guess that because I don't feel hungry as such, sometimes I forget them, especially the last one in the evening. I always have it but sometimes it's really late just because I forgot about it. If you do struggle in terms of just actually not wanting them though, the doubling up idea is great, you can do it with shakes and soups in particular really easily. Just makes them thicker and move flavourful.