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Do you stick to SW 100% on odd days

What I mean by that is if you have an odd day for example you are going for an unplanned meal or you have had a bad start in the day and can't have your usual healthy breakfast and have to pick somethin up on the way and can't count the syns because it's non-branded food or you know it's way over 15 syns anyway (doesn't mean you have to overeat but it might be your lunch). Do you still make sure you have your HEX and free food later in the day? Or are you just trying to eat less later on?

My day started a bit mad this morning and I couldn't have my breakfast so I went to Tesco and had a meal deal (Sushi, bag of fruit and bottle of water) which was a pretty good choice and I was able to count the syns. But then my classmate decided to have a Chinese and I didn't want to leave her on her own. It wasn't nasty Chinese food (not the greasy stuff you get in take aways, it was some Dim Sum and I have no idea whatsoever what they could be in syns) as I can't read traditional Chinese I have no idea what was in the dumplings..haha..

So should I just be careful the rest of the day so I don't have too many calories in total (eg just eat veg soup or any other superfree food) or should I make sure I have my HEX also? (which would be a lot more calories) So far I haven't had any HEX today...!?
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I simply try and cut back a bit and 'listen' to what my body is telling me rather than try to stick to SW for the rest of the day. The next day is a totally clean slate.

For example, yesterday I went to Legoland and had one of their chicken burgers, fries and onion rings for lunch and also several handfuls of my son's toffee popcorn in the afternoon.

I had planned to do that though (well eat their food) and vowed that just because I came off plan didn't mean that I would suddenly start saying to myself that I may as well have an icecream/bag of sweets etc. I also wasn't going to attempt to syn it and claw it back other days either.

I ended up having:

Breakfast: 42g All bran + Semi skimmed milk
Lunch/afternoon: as above
Dinner (back home now): Large salad with a salmon fillet and some light salad cream.
Evening: one mullerlight

I just wasn't as hungry as I normally am in the evening so it worked out that I could eat less than normal later. If it hadn't have worked out that way then I would have still eaten my normal 5-15 syns in the evening, had more than one yogurt and several bits of fruit.

Today I am just back on plan and I will still have my 5-15 syns as normal.

Coming off plan like that has historically meant the start of the end of a diet plan for me. I am very aware of it this time round though so I am trying to 'act like I am on maintanence' on those days rather than do what I would normally do (either use it as an excuse to go completely mad or be really harsh and try to cut back too much the rest of the week/day etc which also ended in failure).

btw I was down 1.2 lbs this morning ( I weigh in daily at home as well as go to class) - must have been all that walking around :D
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You should comtinue food optimising & have your Healthy extras (unless dim sum has the same amount of calcium & fibre in :)) You've only jad one off plan meal- why ruin a whole day cos of a few dumpling?


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judywoody said:
Healthy Extras :D

Thanks so much - you just saved my day..haha..I was gonna go off and get a tub of ice cream from Tesco :)
Now that is commitment. Once i've made my mind up to leave the house for ice cream nothing stops me!
hehe...I'm trying :) It's early days and I haven't lost anything last week....:-(