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Do you support ..........

Do you support a charity of any kind ???

In this difficult age I know most of us need every penny that comes our way to support ourselves and our families and that charity begins at home. No one more than we do here in bankrupt Spain.

There lots of different ways to support one. The RFL is a perfect example.

A friend of ours gave us a gift certificate for Christmas for an organisation that gives loans to people who need the money to improve an existing business or improve the one they have. These people are mainly in countries that are the poorest in the world. The money has to be repaid within an agreed time and you can then re-invest the money in someone else or withdraw the cash whichever you want.

Our initial investment sponsored 4 groups or individuals and has paid back enough to sponsor another person and is well on it's way to yielding enough for yet another. That will make it 6 people or groups sponsored.

I think it is a brilliant idea. These are all people who live in a way we could not imagine.

I am not a Holy Jo or a do good-er but I love the principal of this Charity. Every person who works with them including the outworkers work on a voluntary basis. They do not take one cent from the donations. You have the option of making a direct donation to them if you wish.

Also I am in no way what-so-ever trying to recruit anyone. Just sharing this with you as it is so good to see something so good and worthwhile happening.
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There are some charities I would never give to.

Could not agree with you more.

Buying in Charity shops is a brilliant way to support a charity and most of us do buy from them at sometime or other.


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I'm pretty picky who I give to. Banardos is my favourite.
It's amazing the politics that goes on in charities. An old lady in Brid left £1,000,000 :eek: to the RSPCA for a shelter to be built there, but because it wasn't left to the Brid branch it went into general coffers! Didn't see a penny.


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I give a monthly donation to a dogs trust, and I also help out my local charity shops with donations of clothes etc, and I also buy from them too, my last bargain was 6 beautiful wine glasses for £5.00.

I also give money to the various 'little' envelopes that are bought to the door, the last one being Christian Aid Week.


we give a monthly donation to cancer research, as a family we have been hit quite hard by this disease so our little bit is our way of remembering them. xx

We would like to donate to another charity something to do with helping teenage suicide, something that has also impacted on our family :( xxxx does anyone know of anything.

I know about the samaritans but having had not so good dealings with them and not quite approving of some of their methods (not sure if its the same now, but it was when i volunteered) :eek: other ideas would be great.


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I support No Panic for people who suffer with anxiety, amazing helpline for out of hours who desperately need someone to talk - and are even open on xmas day, new years day etc :D I also donate to cats protection :D
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I have monthly direct debits to Cancer Research and MacMillan Nurses - I also give to Marie Curie as my mum is a volunteer for them, so do my bit to help her too.

I think you tend to give to the charity that has hit you the hardest - we have been hit with cancer so many times, we just want someone to find that magic potion!!

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I tend to donate over the year when I can, which isn't too often these days. When I buy from Animal Aid or the Viva shop I donate a little extra. I've also donated a fair bit to Shelter as well.

Worked in 2 charity shops last year, which was great fun. I often donate clothes and go shopping in them too


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We have a payroll giving scheme at work where the co will match any donation you give (used to be £2 for every £1 but unfortunate cut backs during the economic climate blah blah)

So monthly I give to Macmillan Nurses and also to Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight who looked after my mum before she passed away.

I'm also chair of our office charity committee so take part in loads of crazy stuff throughout the year - both time and money!!

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