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Do you tell people your doing Cambridge?


Cambridge Consultant
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I think people generally don't understand VLCDs and are very quick to make judgements about its safety, your speed of loss, your welfare etc etc. So I just tend to tell people I'm dieting to avoid attempting to justify my choices to all and sundry when I shouldn't have to. Am I the only one? Do you tell people your on a VLCD or not? If not what are your reasons for keeping it to yourself, are they similar to mine? Just being nosey really :flirt2:
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Just getting to the end of my first week and the only person I have told is Hubby. I too find people a bit down on these type of diets. For me I need a quick fix weight loss to spur me on to greater things if that mades sense.

I will be trying to keep it quiet as long as I can:jelous:
I generally keep it to myself, unless needed. I don't think it's anyone's business about what I choose to do. Plus I just can't be bothered to go into a huge explanation about why it's safe because they just don't understand xx


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I told everyone about CD from day one. I knew I'd get some stick/jealous reactions from certain people (and I did!), but on the whole everyone has been really supportive especially since I've got nearer to my goal. I think people in general have now realised that what I'm doing is far better for me healthwise than staying obese. It's also helped that I've been doing ss+ and I'm able to say that I do still eat healthily. I decided to be up front about doing CD as in the past I've always hidden that I'm on a diet (used to mainly do SW) and that allowed me to fall off the wagon spectacularly without anyone realising that I'd failed at another diet.
Good luck with CD!


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My closest friends know, and people at work know I'm on a diet but the don't know I'm on a VLCD. I just sip the bricks at my desk and slighty hide the packaging in the bins!

And I'm sure they wouldn't understand! I can't be bothered to explain to them and other friends the benefits of the diet and they will all discourage me from doing it (like they did last time).

When some people were questioning the bricks, I just say I'm drinking diet shakes at work or during the day, for the convenience of not making lunch, but I have porridge at home in the morning and dinner at night. It's just easier. xx

Mrs Taurus

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Don't think all the bad press Lighter Life has got has helped cd,think they should do a media campaign showing the success stories and medical info about cd.

Shame a lot of critics are too blinkered to see how being seriously overweight affects the body and soul, and that the good points of cd weigh out the bad by far.
This diet is literally a life saver for so many of us,especially in the sense of giving us a life back!
I love cd!:)


Cambridge Consultant
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I have always been very open about being on the cambridge diet I am very proud to have lost the weight and I also love to inspire other people to help them lose to..
I now put pics on my facebook and it really has helped others as people I knew from years ago have now started doing it all across the country which is great..
I did find it hard when starting off as I did have lots of comment here and there but I still have comments from people but I just rise above it.. xx


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At first only my b/f, mum, girl i work with in my office, and my boss! knew about it. Oh, and my bestest friend because she's the one that got me started (even tho she's doing LL... couldn't quite afford that!!).

As the weight was coming off and it was becoming more noticeable, people were asking what diet I was on, and I was telling them - i'm not going to tell fibs about it!! Most of the people have been fine, and a lot of them didn't know about CD, so i had to tell them about it.

I haven't had negative comments to be honest - I think they are amazed at the results!

S: 18st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st0lb(31.94%)
I told everyone from the get go, just thort it would be easier. And I had a lot of people to tell - since I have 2 jobs both with about 100 colleagues in environments where at some stage or another I spend time with pretty much all of them!

I have faced objection but just brush it off - now that I have lost almost 6 stones people tend to be shush now!
S: 18st1lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 5st5lb(29.64%)
I have not kept it a secret, in fact telling people has kept me on it as I think most of them expected me to fail.


Back On Track!
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I am completely open about it, I make up the soups and shakes in the staff cafeteria. Explained to the catering staff there what I was doing at start of diet. I work in public health and social care and do a lot of visits in the wider community meeting other professionals and people that use services, I think nothing of asking for hot water after a meeting so that I can have a porridge etc
Always find that people are interested and encouraging, the only real criticism I ever encountered was previously from a former close friend when I did Lighterlife. I worked out later that there was a much broader range of resentment issues going on, not just a wish to see me remain overweight.
G: 13st0lb
I'm honest about it too!

I thought I was more likely to stick with it if I told everyone I was on it as the shame of not being able to finish would be too much for me to bare!

I'm glad I did because I have also found most people are nice about it and actually have a new found respect for your self control and ability to do it in the first place.

i find this so difficult to know what to do!! So so far have limited who I have told but as ive written about in my diary, even telling a group of friends i was on a low calorie diet (didnt even name cambridge or mention meal replacements!) inspired lots of negative comments. Have told my close family and my 2 best friends who have all been fantastic, even when i was blue about my small loss last week didnt get all negative and say what a waste of time it was (which i know some people would, and would just say do healthy eating!!) I am hoping when the weight starts flying off it will be easier and if people ask then i will be totally honest, that will probably be work people, as so far I just keep myself really busy at work and avoid mealtimes with everyone else! In my head it does make me more determined like you say thinnytobe, that i know folk would dissaprove makes me want to succeed on it. I do think jealousy comes into it (i have been jealous in the past when have seen people have success on VLCD, my main reason was i never thought i could manage it!). Lots of people i know are comfortable with me being their 'fat' friend, even though they try to reassure me that is not the case I am just curvy, they even try to argue that I am exagerrating my weight and BMI and that I am not really that overweight!! Like why would i!!??


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I've told my closest friends, work colleagues and my direct family (because I live with them). I had a couple of funny looks / giggles ("How could you survive on that?! Surely it's better just to eat salad!" from colleagues but they're mostly supportive.
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I think when I first started I didn't tell people. Then it got really noticable, really quickly, so I did tell people if they asked, which most people did.
Not had any really negative comments. If people have asked if it's healthy etc then I've explained. I've also said 'it's a lot healthier than being morbidly obese!'
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I tell a select few.... lol

The ones i know who will judge all day long i dont bother with i cant be bothered with the ag'... but most i have told have been very supportive

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
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I have told a few people, My boyfriend of course! A few people at work that have questioned what im drinking or why im taking a hand blender in lol.

I havent told family or friends as i know they'll want to talk me out of it. Im not telling them because its too much hassle and im lazy haha...... If they notice im losing weight and ask then i'll tell them



Cambridge Consultant
S: 12st12lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 3st0lb(23.33%)
Seems like a fairly even split of tellers and keep quieters. Its interesting that most of us who keep it quiet tend to do so for very similar reasons, and they are all to do with other people :sigh:


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Ive been very open about it especially with my familly and other half though my 4 year old is like mummy why are you just drinking like a baby lol! I was open with collegues but at first there were raised eyebrows mainly concerned it was too drastic and unhealthy when i explained they have been very supportive. Though as time goes on im bored of explaining so just openly say im on a diet and wont really go into it anless asked,

ive often dieted and told nobody or made really lite of it to oh incase i failed it wouldnt seem so bad... Which is ultimately what happened so because this time has to be so different im wearing my heart on my sleeve and for the first time ever telling all my close familly how low being overweight makes me and how important it is for me to do it this time!!

Fingers crossed itl work and im secured chained to the wagon so as not to fall off! :)

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